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A Day's Harvest

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A Day's Harvest is a birthday ritual conducted by the Heartlanders once members of their society reach their species' age of physical maturity. This is considered to be a very important step in becoming a respectable adult in Heartlander culture, as one cannot be considered fully mature until the task is completed. In fact, there exist certain individuals that have gone entire centuries of their lives without being able to complete the Day's Harvest, stuck with an unfortunate reality they might simply refuse to accept.


A Day's Harvest actually began as a tradition that Ysrai herself held once the lands had been purified. Every year, on what she said was her birthday, she would come into the valley and harvest a full acre of land by hand on her own, then give whatever crop was harvested to the associated land-owner. She did this not only to endear herself to the local populous, but to both ensure that they continue their extremely important task of farming while simultaneously keeping herself humble by reminding herself of what the land was. It was only after her death and the Second Reclamation that Veuse specifically was chosen to be the singular crop to harvest during this event, as the Heartlanders believe that the plant resembles the true kindness of Ysrai's sheltered heart. Since then, the tradition continues to be conducted for all of the valley's native inhabitants.


A Day's Harvest is executed by the systematic harvesting of a single square acre of land without the use of any additional tools, magics, or advanced techniques, and must be completed in a single twenty-four hour period. This is in resemblance to the same feat performed by Ysrai in the First Era. The pattern in which the task is performed is insignificant, so long as the entire acre has been cleared by the end of the twenty-four hour period.


A Day's Harvest is performed by a singular individual on the day of their birth that signifies their species' physical maturation, and is typically observed by the parents of the individual. If the task cannot be completed within the strict twenty-four hour timeframe of their birthday, then the task must be repeated on each consecutive birthday until it is completed if the individual wishes to be seen as a full adult in the eyes of Heartlander society.
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