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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe how birthdays are celebrated in a particular culture of your world.
A total of 347 entries

SC2020 - Lighting the Way (Birthday celebration for The Way of the Ancient)

Birthdays of the Veldens

Hatchingdays in the kingdom of the Rising Sun

Coming of age ceremony - botanical tomes

Birthday Celebrations of Tepth

Coming out - the 16th birthday celebration in Akorros

Mud Tribe Birth Month Celebrations

Amberfaene Monthly Parade

L'anniversaire dans la tribue Entnofuji d'Akala

Bhramaputran Birthday Monastic Tradition

Birthnights in the Tanzit Suzerainty

Coming of Age in the Desert- An Oasis Birthday in the Crossroads

T'ku T'kaka: Reminder of Death

Dragon's Age of Majority Ritual

Geburtstage im Königreich Brandona

Halinkazían Birthday Celebration

Western Jungle Gnome Coming of Age Ritual

Scayruns' Communal Birthdays

Titan Unbirthday Celebrations

The Fifteenth Year (Agaland)

Celebration of Hyapalissen birthdays

Birthdays and Reflections in Delacroix

Wood-Malen Birthday traditions

Thalássian "Dawn of a new Cycle" Custom

Kiformeła Merz, Birthday Celebration

Presidential Birthday Celebrations (Colombian festivity)

Western Therianthrope's Ascension

Traditional Uhl-Kante Birthday Celebrations

Geburtstagsrituale der Idienavi

Birthday celebrations in Melachai

Ameriel's Coming of Age Ceremony

The Eight Year Celebration

Celebration of the Ever-Persevering Gift

Birthdays within the Imperial cult

A Treasure Hunt for the Birthday Archivist

Tilgish Annual Blessing for One's Birth

Birthday celebration for The Elves of the Green Slipper

Birthdays of Sagadorm during the Reign of the Fairy Council [WASC2020]

Bitter-sweet Sixteen (Coming of Age)

Ga-Altjani, les semaines des épreuves

Nordenlantian Journey of Adulthood

Birthdays among humans in Octiragrin

Birthday Celebrations among the Circle

Geburtstagstanz der Mumifikatoren

Birthdays for the Descendants of the Displaced

Prompt 13: Deminor BIrthday Rites

Birthdays in the Celestial Empire