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Kivroth Otas Creation

The Kivroth Otas is a necklace made of large pieces of carved wood strung together on a string. each birthday, the owner, or the owners parents, irf the owner is not old enough adds another carved piece of wood to it. This used to be to protect one from spirits, but now is just kept because of tradition.


Much like the Kivris heads , they were first used in a dark age, as protection from spirits. Then, as the dark age came to an end, people kept them, believing that the dark age would come back if they were not used. Now, they are kept because of their traditional value.

Components and tools

Each year, a wooden tile is provided by a parent, and a chisel is provided by the other. If there is one or no parents, then the items are provided by someone of the person's choice.


The first symbol is a Kivris head , a part of the tradition left over from the dark age. After that, the symbols used in the Kivroth Otas follow no strict tradition, but there are some common symbols. There is a symbol for each common job, like fur and coins for a fur merchant, and a spear for a hunter.Each village has a symbol, which can be used if the person feels especially attached. There is also a symbol for each common hobby, like panting, and one for each sport. Symbols can be combined, like when someone is a painter that is very attached to the town.
The symbol is chosen to reflect how the person is feeling and what they have been doing that year. Thus, Kivroth Otas give a story of the person's life.
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  In suberian, Kiv means evil spirit and roth means protect. Kivroth mean protection from evil spirits. Otas means necklace.

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