When the mist of The Void parted, I was presented with the view of my home. Six of it's islands were visable throught the window. Each was covered in a beautiful dark green carpet of evergreens. Out of the carpet, snowy mountains pirced throught the thin clouds. A small river cascades of one of the islands, desending out of sight into the void mist. Then our Galactor soared away, leaving me with a view to remember.
-a Suberian Galactor rider
Suberia is covered in snow capped mountains and snowy forests. Suberia is very cold and only rarly do the temputures get above freezing. Because of this, fur is valued in Suberia. Furs from suberia are sent throughout The Void on Galactors. About 2/3 of suberia is populated with humans, but this is a very approximate estimate. The other third is wilds, home to Ice Goblins. There are two superpowers of Suberia, The Enith empire and The Merchants Guild.


Suberia consists of two rings of islands. The inner ring is called the central islands, and the outer one is called the Wall. The Wall is a great rings-shape island that is covered in a single mountain range, called the Crenellations. The Crenellations protect Suberia from The Void, and are heavily warped by it. One of the Crenellations, called Mt. Draiok is the only place where Wind Grass grows. Wind grass is necessary for the taming posses of Galactors. The central islands are also very mountainous but they hold many boreal forests as well. The central islands are very cold most of the time, having only random, two to three day summers every few months.

Fauna & Flora

Because it is cold all year round in Suberia, all if it's plant and animal life if fully adapted to its climate. Great evergreen forest stretch across the land and reindeer and yaks travel in herds across the tundra. The primary preditor of Suberia is the winter bear. These beast are active all year round and more carnivorous than their kin on other worlds. The winter bears is also a common cultural symbol, and it finds it's way into the heraldry and religious shrines of Suberia's nations. Suberia is aso home to Ice Goblins, a savage type of goblins that dwell in the wilds and raid civilization.

Natural Resources

The animals of Suberia all extraordinarily think pelts, making their furs a top commodity in other worlds that are facing a sudden winter. Fur trade provides the main source of income for many Suberians across the world. These pelts are transported across The Void by The Merchants Guild  on specially trained Galactors, that are fitted for inter-world travel.  


There are two major orginizations in Suberia: The Enith empire and The Merchants Guild. The Merchants Guild controls half of civilized Suberia. Technically a third of that is part of the The Enith empire, but is really controled by The Merchants Guild. The Enith empire covers half of civilized Suberia, but a third of it is really controled by The Merchants Guild.

The kiv

The People of Suberia belived in evil spirits called the Kiv. They have many traditions deveoloped in the dark age for granting protection from the Kiv. The Kiv are no longer belived in widly, but the traditions are still continuing.


Suberia is in the midst of a cultural war: the more abstract traditional way aginst the New way, which is basicly the opposit of the traditional way.


Suberia was created in the year 71 by a powerful Lucid named Ornius as a place to get away to. He populated and expanded it over the centuries, and turned it into a complete world. When The Void finally took him, he gave the last bit of his soul to Suberia's people. That fragment
of his power if reincarnated every generation in a new body. This avatar of Ornius has lucid-like powers and often rises to be the leader of one of Suberia's nations. In 106, the settlement of Harrlu was founded, and grew as a center of trade. 28 years later, in 134, the nation of Omios is founded by Harrlu and omios begens to rise as a trading nation. In 578, The Kivhier plauge spreads, and the dark ages start. in 569, a city in a remote pocket of the mountains on the edge of Suberia conquers half the world, 
because it was not effected by the plauge, and the rest of the world was weakened by it. In 582, Omios is stabilized after the plauge, and sends out it's merchants again. 15 years later it distroys itself in civil war. In 599, the merchants of omios band together into the The Merchants Guild, and start to prosper. After 500 years of peace, in 1168, The Merchants Guild takes over trade in a third of The Enith empire. The Enith empire attacks the The Merchants Guild, and almost distroys it with is supirior mobilization. Then, after two weeks of war, The Merchants Guild proposes The Enith-Merchant's guild treaty.. it is signed, and the The Two Week War ends.
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  • 71 CE

    The creation of Suberia

    Suberia is created by the lucid Ornius.

    Additional timelines
  • 106 CE

    The Rise of Harrlu

    Harrlu is founded, and begens it's growth as a center of trade.

    Additional timelines
  • 134 CE

    The founding of Omios

    Harrlu takes control of  a good portion of the largest island, and declars itself the Omios empire. After that, it will expand, to cover a fourth of Suberia.

    Additional timelines
  • 578 CE

    The kivhier plauge
    Plague / Epidemic

    The Kivhier plauge spreads, causing the fall of Omios and disaster on Suberia.

    Additional timelines
  • 579 CE

    The rise of the Enith Empire

    The The Enith empire conquers a third of Suberia, because they were unneffected by the plauge due to remote location, well the area they conquered was devestated.

    Additional timelines
  • 582 CE

    The Stablization of Omios
    Political event

    Omios is stablized after the plauge by a great leader, who many think was the avatar of Ornius.

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  • 597 CE

    Civil war in Omios
    Military action

    Omios falls due to civil war over who would be the ruler, because the privios one left no clear hier.

    Additional timelines
  • 599 CE

    The founding of the merchants guild.

    The merchants guild is founded by merchants from omios who deside to band together. They eventally grow to control trade in half of Suberia.

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  • 1168 CE

    The two week war
    Political event

    The Merchants Guild takes over trade in a part of the The Enith empire. The The Enith empire goes to war with the The Merchants Guild for two weeks.

    Additional timelines
  • 1169 CE

    The signing of the Enith-merchant's guild treaty.
    Diplomatic action

    The Merchants Guild is not doing well in the war, due to there mobilization, and propose the treaty to the The Enith empire. The treaty is signed, and the The Two Week War ends.

    Additional timelines


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