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The wind broke across her head as we ripped through the angry air. I love these trips back from a far away job, no incompitant passengers to worry about. We plummeted towards the snow-caked pines before pulling up once more, spiraling into the shining sky. She have a loud bark of joy as we leveled out once more.
— A Suberian Ferryrider
  The giant manta rays of Suberia that swim through the sky like their water bond kin would through the sea. Their domestication was a great turning point in the boreal world's history and they allow trade and transport through its many frosty isles. Galactors are strange creatures, who can develop a mysteriously symbiotic relationship with humans.  




  Galactors vary greatly in size, some only large enough to carry one rider, while others can bring whole legions of warriors on their backs. Their fin spans range from 10 to 40 feet in smaller breeds, while a few species can grow to over 130 feet, the largest specimen measuring 152'. Despite their size, most Galactors are quite light, making them better suited for aerial travel.  


  Galactors are omnivorous. They live off a diet of small void creatures and vegetation. While their large open mouth is suited for scooping up mendiloids and yeli (airborn microrganisims), a smaller and more dexterous set of mouthparts on their underbelly can prossess vegitable matter.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
1,000 years
Geographic Distribution
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