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The Outer Reaches of Suberia

The outer reaches of Suberia form a solid ring around the main islands of the world. This ring is covered in a thick coat of mountainous terrain, and odd plants and animals. The outer reaches are seen with great superstition by The People of Suberia, most believe they are cursed of supernaturally dangerous. These ideas however have little truth to them. The Outer Ring is a wondrous place full of the most spectacular varieties of plants and animals.  


The Outer Islands are an unbroken ring of earth that protects the world of Suberia from The Void. It is primarily covered in mountains, which increases their effectiveness in deflecting the void's power. Where the mountains break forests fill in. The trees of these forests have semi-magical properties, and can filter out the detrimental energies of the void.

Fauna & Flora

The plant and animal life in the Outer Reaches is some of the most unique and beautiful in all of The Void. This wonder is brought to the extreme during the mating season. During this time all of the animals of the Outer Ring but on the greatest show ever seen by human eyes. Whether it's the rainbow turkey's wonderous fan of bright feathers or the melodic croakings of the pink throated frog, the beauty of the Outer Ring is enough to bring someone to tears.   That's now to mention the glorious plants that grow on The Ring. The forests of the Outer Reaches are full of the most amazing pieces of organic growth. When the undergrowth flowers, the entire forest explodes in a burst of spectacular color, from bright sky blues to lush oranges, and even some strangely appealing translucent flowers, it is a marvelous sight indeed.
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The Ring, The Voidwall, The Outer Mountains
Island, Floating
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