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The Town Hall of Arganoth

The town of Arganoth once was a great town with a small town hall. One day a tribe of wicked ice goblins came. They were led by Boogya, a chief goblin. Together the goblins took over the town, forcing the people of the town to flee. Boogya turned the town hall into a castle. The goblins in the town robbed travelers on the nearby road. The goblins kept all the coins and other valuable things in their “Castle”.

Purpose / Function

The original meaning for the town hall was a place for town’s folk to have important meetings. Currently the hall is used as a castle by ice goblins.


The room is quite long, and the walls are painted a faint green color. In some places the paint is completely rubbed off.


At the start of the room, is a large arched doorway. On the the sides of the room are three windows. All of the windows are broken.

Sensory & Appearance

The whole room has the stench of rotting flesh. Goblins dash by, and one swings on the chandelier laughing madly. At the front of the room is a fat goblin sleeping on a pile of gold. The air is freezing cold.


Goblins run around the room, and rats and cockroaches scurry across the dirty floor.

Contents & Furnishings

A table is in the middle of the room, one of the legs of it are broken, and it seems it has been dragged there. One or two chairs are pushed up against the table, but most of them are barrels and boxes.


A huge pile of gold and other things lay at the front of the room.


The building has tall arches as doorways. The top of the building has a bigger arch.


There is no tourism. Everyone keeps their distance.
Manor house / Meeting hall
Parent Location

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