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Harrlu is the center of trade on Suberia, made so by the The Merchants Guild, a powerful organization of merchants who center in Harrlu. It is a large city along the Unor river, a major river on Suberia.


The inner western portion of the city is walled, but there are not many soldiers. However, the city could easily increase the number to almost two thousand, if it had good reason

Industry & Trade

The city is not very industrial, but trade of all sorts flows through here.


East of the center of the city, is a square. On one side is the building where the government is, and on the other is where the Merchants hall is. The city's main street runs east to west through the square. This area used to be the center of town, back when Harrlu was a town. The city sprawls in all directions from the square, but mostly eastward. The city is not arranged in any order, and is fairly chaotic, because of the city's rapid expansion and it’s rebuilding. The city is the largest city in the world.


The city is the wealthiest in the world, with control over a third of Suberia’s trade.

Guilds and Factions

The city is almost entirely controlled by the The Merchants Guild


Harrlu was once a small town. Its position on the Unor meant that any river trae needed to pass through Harrlu. Harrlu sent out it’s own merchants, and prospered. It became a city, and slowly began to get allegiance from the other towns around it, growing into the trading nation of Omios. Then a plague came, and Suberia fell into a dark age. The merchant of Omios made it very vulnerable, and Omios fell. In that time, Harrlu itself was almost destroyed. Its population halved, as people died of plague and all those who could left the city. Then, when the plague finally ended, Kilkath became the city's leader. He stabilized the city, and sent out a new wave of merchants, and called for the merchant’s guild to be created.


The city is by some account the greatest in Suberia and attracts 600-800 every year.


Harrlu consists of two main architectural styles, that of the time of its expansion, and that of the time of it's rebuilding.


Harrlu is on the great river Unor. The land around Harrlu is relatively flat, making trade easier.
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