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Wind Grass

Wind Grass only grows on a few mountains in the The Outer Reaches of Suberia. Despite its rarity wind grass is crucial in Suberian life. It is necessary for domestication of Galactors, when a Galactors eats wind grass it will inprint on the first living creature it sees. It is also the only food the the Galactors like enough to aproch a human for.

A Religious Plant

Wind grass is often used in religious ceremonies involving the mind. It can be diluted and infused into incenses to generate a feeling of bliss and harmony in the air. Some witch doctors wear shawls and scarfs woven from the grass to enhance their power. Envoys from The World Federation of Quantan have shipped small quantities on wind grass back to Quantan for analysis. They have found that although the full structure of wind grass behaves as a solid, on the molecular level wind grass behaves as a gas. This completely defies the modern laws to physics, but then again The Void is full of surprises!


Origin & Source

The origin of wind grass is unknown. The first mention of it in written myths is in 119. Scientists have recently found a petrified blade of wind grass which they could carbon date back to year 79 only 8 years after the creation of Suberia wind grass is very old and show no evidence to evolution, making a primordial species.
10,000 trade credits a pound.
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