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The Void

Written by Sodose

Be patient now, eat your mendoloid eggs, soon you shall see the dreams of gods
— A dwarven father to him son
  The Void is the vast prismatic sky in which all the worlds drift. Here, the border between reality and hallucination is thin. That which is, and that which never was bend together here into the dreamy skyscape to create the heart of The Great Dream.  

A Vibrant Dreamscape

  Despite its name, The Void is a place of energy and life. Titanic clouds plow through the expanse and great flocks of colorful birds soar on the gravitational winds. Majesty and wonder can be found all around, but do not let the Void’s beauty fool you, it is a place of danger for those who do not tread carefully.  

Gravitational Currents

  Gravity is by no means a constant in the Void. It flows and shifts like ocean currents. Worlds are often found in the more stable pools of gravitational force, but once beyond areas stabilized by lucid minds anything can happen. There are places where it might swirl into a deadly vortex or switch direction with sudden back-breaking force. Skilled airship captains can use these currents to propel their vessels at astonishing speeds while others must stick to the milder routes, lest they be torn asunder by the Void’s wrath.   The gravitational currents are extremely important in trade and cultural spread. They are the primary reason that worlds can maintain their technological discrepancies. For example, the world Suberia sits in a tiny pocket of calm amid a gradational maelstrom, thus it has remained untouched by the spread of advanced civilizations such as the World Federation of Quantan. Even Nolar, Quantan’s moon world, has remained untouched by man because of the mighty gradational winds that surround it.  

Unpredictable Weather

With a crack of thunder the calm was broken, green lightning streaked across the sky and the gentle clouds pink turned an angry red as the burning rain began to fall
— Julten Holtying, Airship Captain
  Storms in the void are rare, but when they do form they are legendary in size and power. Some say the void storms are the angry spirits of dead lucids, while others believe they are curses from whatever gods they believe in. Whatever their source might be, they are deadly on all counts. Boiling rain, explosive lightning, and howling winds can spell doom to even the hardiest of crews. The Tengu see storms are living beings that can be communed with and appeased with sacrifice. Given the uncannily anthropomorphic shapes that storms sometimes take, this might be the closest to reality.  

Living Light

  The Void itself seems to be a conscious entity. It sometimes speaks to those that lose themselves in its wonder. Maybe offering safety or simply whispering soothing words to comfort their last moments. Those who have heard the Void speak describe it as a harmonious symphony of ethereal voices. What the Void wants or if these voices are even the Void at all is unknown, but those that have had contact with this mysterious entity are often forever changed.
Alternative Name(s)
The Great Dream, The Dream lands, or The Endless Sky.

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  • 0 DE

    The Spinning
    Era beginning/end

    From the darkness of oblivion, a single spark of light shines. This light grows into The Void and from the voids comes forth the first world, Quantan.

  • 22 CE


    The Creation of Algoria

    The great Lucid Farsnok built Algoria with his own hands. He used his great artistic ability to make a masterpiece out of the world and turned it into a wonder of nature.

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  • 56 CE

    The rise of The Algorian Kingdom

    Farnok unites the people of his world and take's charge of the world's people. This begins a chain reaction of great achievements and advancements.

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  • 71 CE

    The creation of Suberia

    Suberia is created by the lucid Ornius.

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  • 106 CE

    The Rise of Harrlu

    Harrlu is founded, and begens it's growth as a center of trade.

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  • 134 CE

    The founding of Omios

    Harrlu takes control of  a good portion of the largest island, and declars itself the Omios empire. After that, it will expand, to cover a fourth of Suberia.

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  • 145 CE


    The Forming of Dartar
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The Lucid Heria used her powers to build a great mountainous island. From this canvas, she created The wall to protect the world from external influence and brought the mountain of Skyreach out of the ground. From the top of her mountain, she ruled the world until The Void took her back into it's arms.

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  • 250 CE


    The Crowning of the Fist King of Dartar
    Life, Career

    After Heria's death the first king of Dartar arose. He took up residence in Heria's old palace at the top of Skyreach, but he found the environment up there unhospitable and decided to move down to a smaller castle at the foot of the mountain. After king Orcel's death, he was succeeded by his only son. And thus began the hierarchy of Dartar.

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  • 342 CE


    The Plauge Hits
    Plague / Epidemic

    A deadly plague sweeps across Dartar, killing thousands. The entirety of the royal family is killed in the pandemic leaving Dartar leaderess.

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  • 530 CE

    9 /3 02:00

    Murder of Ariana
    Life, Death

    Farnok's lover, Ariana is murdered. This causes Farnok to go mad with grief and rage. He leaves his people without a leader to go after the murderer.

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  • 532 CE

    3 /4 02:00

    Creation of The Storm
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Farnok creates a great storm of vengeance while he is dualing with his enemy, the murderer of Ariana. He lost control of this storm and the storm destroys what he once know as Algoria.

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  • 561 CE

    The rise of the Deamon Lords
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Deamons of The Void found there way into the world of Algoria in the chaos that the Storm caused. These deamons took up residence inside the storm, and over the years many became part of it, adding their malicious intents into the storm's already evil mind.

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  • 578 CE

    The kivhier plauge
    Plague / Epidemic

    The Kivhier plauge spreads, causing the fall of Omios and disaster on Suberia.

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  • 579 CE

    The rise of the Enith Empire

    The The Enith empire conquers a third of Suberia, because they were unneffected by the plauge due to remote location, well the area they conquered was devestated.

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  • 582 CE

    The Stablization of Omios
    Political event

    Omios is stablized after the plauge by a great leader, who many think was the avatar of Ornius.

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  • 597 CE

    Civil war in Omios
    Military action

    Omios falls due to civil war over who would be the ruler, because the privios one left no clear hier.

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  • 599 CE

    The founding of the merchants guild.

    The merchants guild is founded by merchants from omios who deside to band together. They eventally grow to control trade in half of Suberia.

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  • 757 CE

    14 /5 02:00
    758 CE

    14 /5 02:00

    The Rampage of the Gods
    Military action

    The Gods of Dartar suddenly break out into open warfare. In the divine war, much of human civilization is destroyed. After exactly one year of fighting the gods stop and things resume as if nothing ever happened.

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  • 967 CE


    The Rise of The Araborean Empire

    The ancient empire of Araborea came to power after a brutal conquest across the world. The fist emperor named Francisco the first was crowned on this date.

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  • 1007 CE

    The Darkness Comes
    Geological / environmental event

    Araborea drifts into an evil and empty part of The Void. Causing all manner of disasters across the world. Social order begins to break down.

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  • 1015 CE


    The Fall of the Araborean Empire
    Era beginning/end

    Under the effects of the Darkness. The great Empire of Araborean Empire. Without the support of social order, humanity exterminates it’s self. The dark ages begin and Araborea if forgotten.

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  • 1023 CE

    30 /7 13:00

    Humans Crashland on Alagoria
    Discovery, Exploration

    Humans of the World Federation of Quantan crashland on Algoria, in an expedition in search of Auton steel. They found their prize. But the entire 500-person crew was stranded on the desert world.

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  • 1023 CE

    3 /9

    Algorian Rescue mission.

    The Federation of Quantan sends a rescue mission to retrieve their people from Algoria. During the mission, the Quantanian find another deposit of Auton steel and decide to set up a permanent mine on to of it.

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  • 1168 CE

    The two week war
    Political event

    The Merchants Guild takes over trade in a part of the The Enith empire. The The Enith empire goes to war with the The Merchants Guild for two weeks.

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  • 1169 CE

    The signing of the Enith-merchant's guild treaty.
    Diplomatic action

    The Merchants Guild is not doing well in the war, due to there mobilization, and propose the treaty to the The Enith empire. The treaty is signed, and the The Two Week War ends.

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  • 1234 CE


    Auton steel Depleated

    The deposit of Auton steel on Algoria is depleted and Quantan decides to close the mine. But the miners have different ideas. They have lived many generations on Algoria and have no reason to leave. Many decide to stay on the desert world.

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  • 1346 CE

    14 /5 9:00

    Araborea is Rediscovered
    Discovery, Exploration

    The world Federation of Quantan discovers evidence of a large group of objects 10 astral miles into a dark area of the void. Upon investigation they find a entire new world.

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  • 1642 CE

    4 /3 12:00

    The Crowning of King Occlar
    Life, Career

    King Occlar is crowned king of Dartar. He is now the current king of Dartar.

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  • 1650 CE

    5 /7
    1651 CE

    13 /8

    Colony Built on Araborea
    Construction beginning/end

    The world federation of Quantan builds their fist colony on the island of Ralktar in Araborea. This sparks the beginning of many new exploration missions and discoveries.

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