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Written by Sodose

Araborea is a land beyond the explored universe, filled with strange brightly colored fog and mist. it is home to many strange and twisted creatures unknown to man-kind. The only people who live there are the explorers and the curious who tried to find the wonders of the realm but never found their way out. These people find ways to survive and live among the beings there. Araborea is made up of floating rocks covered in moss and colorful plants. Huge mushrooms, taller than the tallest trees grow from the floating rocks, home to many animals. Scattered across the suface of the many huge rocks, are the overgrown ruins of the ancient Araborean empire. Among the ruins are crazy broken clockwork inventions, created by the great emperor Francisco. Almost none of the locations of the portals to Araborea are known today so it is mostly forgotten. Araborea is a land cut off from our world by a cold, dark, void of nothingness that gets almost everything in it horribly lost.


The geography of Araborea can be divided into three sections, the center island, the inner circle, and the edges. The center island features are very earth-like, it has mountains and trees like any other world and is generally unaffected by The Void. The inner circle is mush more alien however, it has great mushroom forests and strange shifting landscapes. These islands are the home of the Arkubus and they contain The Shining Caves. The outer edges are the strangest of all contains unknowable mysteries of the darker void, and holding dangerous creatures.
by Samuel Robbins (with artbreeder)

Fauna & Flora

Araborea houses hundreds of strange, void-shaped plants and animals. It is most known for its towering mushrooms and the flying jellyfish that populate the inner circle.


Araborea once was a mighty world that was home to a prosperous civilization. But the area if the void that it was in fell to the darkness and the great nation fell. Hundreds of years later the world was rediscovered by scientists from The World Federation of Quantan and a colonizing program has begun. The colonist soon realized the true dangers of the world and the colonization effort has been greatly slowed.


Araborea has only recently been discovered by the other worlds. Many expeditions have been sent there any the world federation of Quantan has build a small colony on the center island.
Alternative Name(s)
The New World
Island, Floating
Location under
Inhabiting Species
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The Ancient World

0 DE 1014 CE

  • 967 AW


    The Rise of The Araborean Empire

    The ancient empire of Araborea came to power after a brutal conquest across the world. The fist emperor named Francisco the first was crowned on this date.

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  • 1007 AW

    The Darkness Comes
    Geological / environmental event

    Araborea drifts into an evil and empty part of The Void. Causing all manner of disasters across the world. Social order begins to break down.

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The Dark Ages

1014 CE 1345 CE

  • 1015 DA


    The Fall of the Araborean Empire
    Era beginning/end

    Under the effects of the Darkness. The great Empire of Araborean Empire. Without the support of social order, humanity exterminates it’s self. The dark ages begin and Araborea if forgotten.

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The New World

1346 CE and beyond

  • 1346 NW



    Araborea is Rediscovered
    Discovery, Exploration

    The world Federation of Quantan discovers evidence of a large group of objects 10 astral miles into a dark area of the void. Upon investigation they find a entire new world.

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  • 1650 NW

    1651 NW


    Colony Built on Araborea
    Construction beginning/end

    The world federation of Quantan builds their fist colony on the island of Ralktar in Araborea. This sparks the beginning of many new exploration missions and discoveries.

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