The Great Dream

The Great Dream


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A storm was brewing. I peered over the railing to see a darkening sky below and look above to see a darkening one above. Lightning races sideways between clouds ahead. Trips from G├Ątra to Illithar never see wheather like this, I thought to myself. It was then that the sky faded from grey to black and a red light began to shine through the clouds. This was no normal storm.
— Yalash, First Mate of the Flycatcher

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  The Great Dream is a vast and multi-faceted world. Different corners of the world can be rather isolated from each other and there are very few treads that could tie the whole setting together. On top of that, there is a great deal of information on these disparate sub-settings. To combat this soup of uncorrelated nonsense, here is a quick guide to key articles in the world to start reading with.  
  1. The Great Dream: It's the primer! Read it for some context.
  2. Magic in the Dream: Overview of the magic system and a bit of context for conflicts between supernatural powers.
  3. The World Federation of Quantan: The empire is central to most parts of this world, it is a great jumping-off point for the Dream's many sub-plots.
  4. The Darkness: Most plots unrelated to the World Federation concern themselves with supernatural evil. This article is a poorly-writen primer on those topics
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