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Algoria is a vast wasteland, heavily affected by the void. Its inhabitants and landforms are twisted and strange. Half of the Algoria is covered by a constantly raging storm. Lightning streaks across the red clouded sky and rain beat down like bullets. Hidden in the storm are terrifying monstrosities called deamons that give even the bravest people horrible nightmares. The ground is muddy and the bones and skeletons of the prey of the deamons litter the ground. Mud pits are scattered across the wet ground and many careless explorers have lost their lives in the suffocating pits. In some of the pits, monsters abide, waiting for the perfect time to pounce. On the other side of Algoria, it is dry and hot but the sky is covered in thick red-tinted clouds. Some small villages exist but it is mostly bare.
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by Samuel Robbins (with artbreeder)


Algoria is a pitted wasteland, with a dull redish ground and strange rock formations. A huge storm covers almost half the world. the storm is the only sorce of drinkable water for humans, because after water stays on the ground, it becomes foul, drinkable only to the deamons.

Fauna & Flora

The only life on algoria are the deamons. the storm is home to most of them, as it has the best acsess to water.

Natural Resources

Algoria has very few natral resorces. the most notable of the few is auton steel, a metal with unknown proporties found on Algoria. people have tried to brave the storm in search of these, and crashed on algoria. this is where most of the humans on algoria come from.

The storm

It is thought that the storm was created by a crazed greater lucid. The storm slowly moves around algoria, eroding the strange rock formations. little is known about it, because few people come back from the storm.

The deamons

Most of the deamons live in the storm, because of its acsess to water. the deamons are the most common creatures on algoria. There are many different kinds of deamons; from small scavengers to huge monstrosities.

The humans

Some humans live on algoria. many crashed here in search of Auton steel. most communitys are a few miles away from the edge of the storm, balancing safty from the deamons and the need for water the storm provides. the storm has forced them to be nomadic, so they can stay their perfered distance from the storm.
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