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Evil has to go somewhere
  Once the heart of a technologically advanced civilization, Algoria is now a war swept wasteland of ruination and chaos. Algoria acts as the prison world for the The World Federation of Quantan, it is where they put all of those that "fail to make a meaningful contribution to society" as well a where they test unstable technologies and weapons.
by Jflaxman

Garbage Dump

  Algoria acts as the dumping ground for the utopian cities of Quantan. It is where all the trash, old buildings, and criminals are dropped. The people of Algoria have learned to live in the hostile environment, sustaining themselves off of the meats of strange desert animals and what little vegetation survives the heat and wind.  

Mine to Freedom

  Algoria is rich in a mysterious mineral called Auton steel. This smooth, reflective metal is the reason the WFQ is interested in Algoria. When sentenced to this prison world one must provide a quantity of this material to earn their freedom. No new veins of Auton have been discovered in recent times, instead, prisoners must war with each other for freedom or sped their lives prospective in the Algoria hellscape.  

by Florent Llamas


The Storm

  Almost half of Algoria is dominated by a raging sand storm. This arcane weather event is a relic of an ancient catastrophe. It is the home to creatures from The Darkness. Beyond The Storm's roaring wall the Deamons have built strange cities and outposts. Occasionally deamons will venture out of the Storm to do the bidding of their dark masters.   Some have seen the shape of a towering horned deamon lord wading through the Storm. This entity is known in Algoria as "The Horned God" but its real name is unknown.  

Important Locations

by Will Brosch
While most of Algoria is a desolate wasteland, a few locations of note are worth mentioning. Two towering fortresses stand on the world's central island. These two castles are built atop the main two mines. Although the auton steel below is depleted the fortresses offer protection and a tactical position for tribes strong enough to hold them.
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