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Gorogs are used in Algoria as war beasts. They are sold for large amounts, and many people buy them. The people keep them in pens away from their forts, because they smell really bad. In war a person rides a Gorog, and it rampages through the battlefield, trampling people in its way. Gorogs look like huge boars with long black tusks. They have red skin with bumps, and cuts all over it. If they feel mistreated they may attack with their long tusks.

Basic Information


Gorogs have extremely powerful muscular systems. Their bones are unusually strong, and hard. The long legs of a Gorog allow it to run at high speeds. Their three foot long black tusks can cause brutal injuries and death. The skin of a Gorog is about an inch thick, and this can protect them from some of the damage of attacks.

Growth Rate & Stages

At birth a Gorog is usually around five four feet tall. They can grow up to eight feet tall at the end of their life.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Gorogs eat anything they can find. They will eat anything from a plant to meat.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Gorogs don’t like to be with others of their kind. Often they get in big fights with their tusks


Gorogs are domesticated.

Civilization and Culture


The first people on Algoria found the Gorogs by being attacked by them. Soon they learned to feed them, and they slowly tamed them to be what they are today. The people of Algoria found that they were extremely strong, and powerful.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Gorogs don’t like humans, but can do your bidding if you feed them well. They may attack a rider or tamer if they feel threatened or mistreated.
Scientific Name
Bellum Porcus
60 years
Average Height
6-8 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Red skin
Geographic Distribution

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