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Icy winds cut through my coat and the hail battering me as I push onwards. I grasped at the wound in my stomach with frostbitten fingers as I stumbled towards the dark shapes in the snow, I could only hope that they were friends
— Silrian Veteran of the 3 Great War
  Ularr's tundras are battered without mercy by howling blizzards. It is a land of vast tundras and frozen deserts where no life dare walk. Even so, the ground beneath is rich with oil, and the snow above is rich with bloodshed.  

A Land of War

  The four nations of Ularr are far from allies. The discovery of new oil and natural gas deposits keep them at constant war with one another over the coveted black gold. Their conflicts share the cultures and lives of their people, as well as the geography of their territory in ways that are hard to miss. At the borders of the nations, the earth is a blasted wasteland, scorched to the core. While snow often covers the land's scars, ominous fortresses still poak from the white blanket, prepared to fill anything that dares cross that hellish noman's land with lead.   Peace times have been few and far between in Ularr. While wars range in temperature, some level of conflict is always present. The longest era of prolonged peace was during the life of The Great Ularrian Alliance, a pact that offered peace to the tundra for two decades before falling apart under unusual circumstances. The infamous meta physicist and philosopher Çeelank, once said "That which created this race we call ours never intended for it to live without war. Whatever god exists in no doubt a cruel one as he has put his creations through such pain." while that last part lost him his head at the hand of the Ulishi, at times it is hard not to believe him.  

Mysterious History

  Records of Ularr's past are strange and full of holes. There is substantial archeological evidence that the world was once dominated by a great naga empire, yet the naga themselves, who are famed for their impeccable keeping of history, know nothing of such a civilization, leading some to believe that some great calamity wiped out all but a few of Ularr's ancient naga. Even deeper in the past, ruins have been uncovered that predate the nage empires and even the supposed creation of the land they sit on. They are extremely uncanny, towering structures that can only be entered through tiny holes on the top covered in carvings that depict giant eyes and lightning. Whatever creatures inhabited Ularr in that time were no doubt strange ones. Best to stay away from the places they left behind.  

Percarius Position

  Ullar drifts dangerously close to the massive void storm Yetferara (literally Yatyan's Wrath). This dark vortex glows with an inner red light that can be seen in the night sky. Ularr’s proximity to the storm changes throughout the Ularrian year. Sometimes the great storm is only a dim light in distance, while at other times it is so close it fills half the sky. When the world is at its closest to Yetferara Ularr is buffeted with blinding blizzards and temperatures drop to heartstopping lows. When the storm is farthest away, temperatures rise to slightly more reasonable numbers the skies will clear. Once every 40 years, the world will drift far enough away for the snow to melt to show the barren ground beneath. 20 years after this great thawing, long after the snows have returned, Ularr will dip fully into the the storm, dooming the land to a year of deadly storms.   Each year Ularr’s orbit around Yetferara grows tighter, the blizzards grow more powerful and the warm seasons grow shorter. The change is small, almost unnoticeable, but it is there. Few see it however, there is little time for astronomy in times of eternal war.
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