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The Zenith

The Zenith is the center of the The Void and everything. Quantan is closest to it, and it seems that the closer a world is to it, the more perfect and normal the world seems. At the very center, there is an island around it. The island is huge and holds the most perfect creatures imaginable. The island around it is called Aerion. The Zenith is a golden orb in the sky, which lights the whole void. It floats a few hundred feet above the highest mountains at the center and causes there to never be night.


The island around it is wonderful and magical, covered in apple orchards and waterfalls that spread into brilliant white sand beaches, lined with peach trees. Its inhabitants do not need to build any cities or towns, because the world is constantly covered in a soft sunlight. The Zenith, a strange spinning orb in the sky lights the entire world. On one edge, however, there is a range of snowy mountains that are the home of beautiful snowy owls and a species of furry, white creatures with hearts the glow through their skin. The edges go out into a misty rainbow sky with waterfalls pouring over the edge. In comparison, Quantan is an ugly stone, floating in space.

Fauna & Flora

Most of the creatures there are covered in gleaming coats of fur, but there are also millions of birds that breed on the rocky peaks and sometimes fly out to other islands. The inhabitants have high respect. The plants there are always in bloom and the cherry trees constantly send petals flying through the air in the slight breeze. The apple orchards grow large, deep red apples that are so sweet they are said to cause feelings of true euphoria.


The Zenith created The Spinning, the event in which the void was created. After the spinning, the Zenith began rotating extremely fast for all of eternity. The Zenith is a gleaming orb of an unknown material, releasing all of the light for the void, the light running out at the edge of the darkness. It also releases very much void energy.


Very few have ever reached the world of Aerion, because it is millions of miles from the closest islands. Even if someone got there, it would be impossible to go make it back in their lifetime.
Alternative Name(s)
The Origin, The Beacon
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