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The People of Algoria

The current inhabitants of Algoria are the descendants of the crew of The Explorer, the ship that crashed on the desert world. When the rescue mission finally came, many of these miners dreaded returning to their boring utopia. As a result, many insisted on staying. They identified as Algorian and took up a nomadic lifestyle, running from the storm. The people that stayed on the hellscape of Algoria weren't the best bunch of beans. Most had a shady past and generally violent tendencies. When you put a bunch of clannish criminals with anger issues in a place with no restrictions or rules and give them each a semi-automatic firearm things don't turn that well.


Major language groups and dialects

Algorian speak a dialect of the Quantanian language. Some of the deamon worshippers near the Storm speak Abyssal, the language of deamons.

Shared customary codes and values

Most Algorian dislike organized society, they prefer to live in small clans ruled by the law of the jungle. Even within a tribe, there is disdain for the authorities, making it hard to hold on to power for long.

Common Etiquette rules

Etiquette is the exact thing the the Algorians are trying to escape. The respect of a algorian is almost impossible to gain, and no one treats anyone with any dignity. These people have no honor, and would sooner rob and kill somebody then befriend them.

Funerary and Memorial customs

"Crap, my brother got his head chopped off, what should we do with the body?"   "Just throw it in that ditch over there, the daemons will eat it, easy as pie!"   "Alright then"   -An Algorian Funeral


Beauty Ideals

Algorians have little care for beauty. Their clothes are made from tattered strips of cloth and deamon hide, and no one ever has a chance to bath.

Courtship Ideals

Sexual relationships are very free-formed in algorian society. Everyone has their own ideas of what's right and what's wrong, and mostly people don't get in the way of other people's ideas.

Life in Algoria

Algoria is a hard place to live. Its residence must face death, starvation, and brutality every day of their lives, luckily that's exactly what they signed up for. Food is hard to come by in the desert, Algorians are forced to feed off of deamon meat and in extreme cases each other. The World Federation of Quantan will often trade food for the Auton steel that the Algorian mine, but the federation is fickle with their favor, and often exploits the Agorian's desperate position.   The people of Algoria are primarily nomadic, moving from fort to fort to escape deamons and each other. Once a tribe can get their hands on a fort they will only relinquish it if they are driven out. Meaning that the tribes must fight not only for food and water but shelter too. Even when a tribe can gain control over the fort they are often thrown out by a deamon rampage or The Storm.
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