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The Mark

Those that have observed the storm over Algoria a strange pattern in the lightning strikes. The points at which lightning stricks the ground draw a strange twisted mark this fell symbol is burned into the landscape from years of lightning strikes. Most people assume that The Mask meaning something bad, but never the less it shows up everywhere. The Mark can be found woven into Algorian dress, sometimes camps are inadvertently set up in its exact shape. Only in the underground halls of the Cults of the deamon lord Algiet is The Mark deliberately made.

Manufacturing process

Very few people make the mark on purpose. Instead, it somehow works its way into their creation against their will. The creator often only realizes that they have made The Mask after the fact.


The true meaning of The Mask id generally unknown to the common fork of Algoria. Most perceive it as a sign of ill omen but none can be sure. This mask has also been found in the halls of deamon cults over the years, making more likely to mean something bad.

The Meaning of the Mark

The Mark is the symbol of the Deamon Lord Algriet. Like most deamon lords Algriet is a master of manipulating the human mind. He has woven his mark into human culture to cause chaos the uncertainty. Only his cultists know what the mark really means, and they take great joy in watching it burn through the world, creating havoc.
Item type
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Despite the public's efforts to remove the mark from their lives, it still makes an appearance almost everywhere.
Raw materials & Components
The Mask is often depicted in cloth of in cast iron. Auton steel versions of the Mark have also been found.

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