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History of Algoira

Today Algoria is a desolate wasteland. But its want's always like that. What happened before the waste took over. And why are they all here

The Golden Ages

... 530 CE

A time of growth and prosperity.

  • 21 GA


    The Creation of Algoria

    The great Lucid Farsnok built Algoria with his own hands. He used his great artistic ability to make a masterpiece out of the world and turned it into a wonder of nature.

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  • 55 GA

    The rise of The Algorian Kingdom

    Farnok unites the people of his world and take's charge of the world's people. This begins a chain reaction of great achievements and advancements.

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  • 529 GA

    9 /3 02:00

    Murder of Ariana
    Life, Death

    Farnok's lover, Ariana is murdered. This causes Farnok to go mad with grief and rage. He leaves his people without a leader to go after the murderer.

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The Grim Ages

531 CE and beyond

After the storm rolls through humanity is left with nothing, and the deamons begin rampaging in.

  • 532 CE

    3 /4 02:00

    Creation of The Storm
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Farnok creates a great storm of vengeance while he is dualing with his enemy, the murderer of Ariana. He lost control of this storm and the storm destroys what he once know as Algoria.

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  • 561 CE

    The rise of the Deamon Lords
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Deamons of The Void found there way into the world of Algoria in the chaos that the Storm caused. These deamons took up residence inside the storm, and over the years many became part of it, adding their malicious intents into the storm's already evil mind.

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  • 1023 CE

    30 /7 13:00

    Humans Crashland on Alagoria
    Discovery, Exploration

    Humans of the World Federation of Quantan crashland on Algoria, in an expedition in search of Auton steel. They found their prize. But the entire 500-person crew was stranded on the desert world.

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  • 1023 CE

    3 /9

    Algorian Rescue mission.

    The Federation of Quantan sends a rescue mission to retrieve their people from Algoria. During the mission, the Quantanian find another deposit of Auton steel and decide to set up a permanent mine on to of it.

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  • 1234 CE


    Auton steel Depleated

    The deposit of Auton steel on Algoria is depleted and Quantan decides to close the mine. But the miners have different ideas. They have lived many generations on Algoria and have no reason to leave. Many decide to stay on the desert world.

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