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I had been born and raised in the desert wasteland of Algoria. When the federation transfer mission started I decided to return to my ancestral homeland. I thought very little of this other world that I hadn’t seen yet, but when the void ship flew into the inner islands, I was brought to tears by Quantan’s beauty. As I stepped off the gangplank I was met with a soothing breeze and a flutter of fall leaves. I fell in love at once, with this home that my blood had come from, it was perfect.
  Quantan was the first world to ever be created. It is the most technologically advanced, and the most naturally developed. The power of The Void is very strong here. Quantan has created the perfect balance between human creativity and the random beauty of The Void. It is both mystically surreal, and easily habitable and usable by intelligent creatures. Quantan is the closest thing the universe has to a perfect world.


Like every world Quantan has an outer rim and a group of inner islands. Unlike most worlds however, the organization of Quantan’s islands is sphere shaped not in a disk. There are five layers of islands the make up the great sphere. The central disk is the most developed by humans, and contains most of the Federation’s cities and towns. The upper and lower disks are much more wild, containing most of Quantan’s unique animals and landscapes. Finally the top and bottom disks, called the poles, are the highly effected by The Void, containing strange creatures and mushroom forests.

Fauna & Flora

The Creatures of the void are known to fly into the inner islands of Quantan to rest or hide from predators. These creatures mostly ignore humans, but the big ones can be dangerous to the various things they might bump into. Whole city districts have been destroyed by clumsy leviathans. Most of Quantan’s more unique spices are native to the upper and lower islands. These creatures include the artomyo, a giant insect-like creature that eats carrion, the gryslyo, a monstrous bear ox thing with bladed horns, and the gruna bird, which have pure bright purple feathers.

Natural Resources

The people of Quantan have devised a method of harnessing the balanced flow of The Void's power that is unique to their world and turning it into renewable energy. This technology can't collect energy from any other world. Once the energy is collected, it can be stored is rectangular tubes that can be shipped out to other worlds. This exclusive technology is what keeps Qunatan technologically ahead of other civilizations. The poles of Quantan are rich with veins of Auton steel, but these supplies have been severely depleted in the past few years, forcing The Federation to seek out the priceless mineral on other worlds.


Quantan is one of the few worlds that wasn’t created by a Lucid. It formed naturally from the power of The Void only a few years after the spinning. It was then shaped over the centuries by many lesser lusids so It could be habitable by humans.


Real estate on Quantan is a top commodity in the void. With the world's scenic views and advanced technology someone from a world like Dartar or Algoria, would give anything to have a home here. The richest people in voidfaring world ll have vacation homes on Quantan and those that can't aford living there will visit as much as posible.
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