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Void essance

Void essance is the harnessed power of the void, used by The World Federation of Quantan to power almost everything. Auton steel provides a conection to The Void, and drawing energy from it through void power generators it is the only known way of creating Void essance. That is why the The World Federation of Quantan needs Auton steel so much. It takes the form of energy, and can be conducted by Auton steel wires. It can also be stored, in small circles of Auton steel. The essance is easy to make with a void power generator, and is widly used for that reason.


Material Characteristics

It takes the form of energy, and useually has no apperance. When large amounts of it are relised into the air, it is a pale blue.

History & Usage


It was discovered by Nototh Trolamur, and was by far his greatest discovery. He created the generators, and they spread throughout Quantan.

Everyday use

It is used for powering almost everything in Quantan, from Airships to ovens.



Circles of Auton steel can contain it, the large the circle the more it can contain. if the circle is not large enought, then it leaks into the air and disperses.

Void power generators

Void power generators draw pwoer from Auton steel, and using it's link to the void can draw the void's power. Then the power, called void essance can be conducted through wires of Auton steel and stored in circles of it. The bigger the amount of Auton steel it a generator, the faster it can generate power.
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