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Naga are snake-like humanoids that live in the deserts and forests of The Void. Their culture is primitive in many fashions and their technology hasn't advanced for decades. Centuries ago the naga ruled the void, they commanded every living creature of the desert from their sandstone estates and fortresses. They where a race of kings and queens until it all ended.  

The Fall of the Naga

One year the void burned the hottest it had since the dawn of time. Even the Tumble Fruit would not grow and famine swept across the deserts of Ularr. The naga starved and suffered, but they had faced worse and knew they would survive. The snake folk thought to soon though. The average naga eats almost twice as much food in a day than an average human. Although the nage starved the humans of the desert could remain alive off the little food they had. Seeing the opportunity, the ancestors of what is now Silria overthrew the naga's great empire. After the fall of the snake people, humanity began to advance at extreme rates. The naga were pushed farther and farther from their homelands and were forgotten by everyone except the rare extra-racial historians. Many Naga tribes were pushed into the outer reached of their worlds, and in the case of Quantan out into The Void.

Basic Information


Nagas have snake-like bodies with humanoid arms covered in scales. Their heads have a more humanoid appearance, with shorter snouts and more built to be held upright. For the most part, naga will slither around on their tails but when speed is needed they will glide low to the ground and propel themselves with their arms.

Growth Rate & Stages

Naga hatch out of eggs. These eggs are about 7-9 inches in diameter and can way anywhere from 10-50 ounces. Once they hatch, they begin to grow at an amazing rate. By the age of 10 most naga are have reached adulthood. After age 10 the growth rate slows down but doesn't stop. Naga never stop growing and if give adequate amounts of nourishment they can grow to 20 feet long and 10 feet tall.

Ecology and Habitats

The primary habitat of the naga is the desert. They have been pushed farther into less habitable land with the rise of the human race. Most now live in the hottest and most desolate areas of the deserts or in the outer reaches of their world. Evidence collected during a study done on Araborea showed that the twisted world might have been home to forest-dwelling naga.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Naga requires 190% more food than a human but can go without water for almost 10 days. These snake people are primarily carnivorous, gain little sustenance from vegetables and fruit. Naga are infamous for eating entire camels in one sitting and devouring small desert rodents (such as naked mole rats) by the hundreds. All of this plays into the stereo-type to the primitive hungry naga.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Naga live and travel in tribes, also called knots. A knot is led by a chief and shamen, who are often mates. The chief has the power to make desitions and lead their people to war, but such things require some form of consent from the shamen and vise-versa.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most naga live in Ularr and Quantan. Some have moved to other worlds after being pushed out of their homelands. It is known that there are a few naga tribes living The Outer Reaches of Suberia and there have been some sightings of them in Dartar.

Average Intelligence

Naga have human intelligence. Given the position that they have been forced into by the cruel hand of fate and the mad whims of humanity, they don't live in an environment where they can express that intelligence. A common naga stereotype is that they are dumb primitive creatures only capable of killing and being killed. The truth is the exact opposite. Naga are in many ways more intelligent than modern humans and have a wisdom that is far superior to that of humans. One explorer that spent a week with these snake people said,
The Naga are people of few words and great understanding. They understand the ebb and flow of the void and still have the spark of the wild to humanity lost hundereds of years ago.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Like their serpentine brethren naga "smell" the air with their forked tongue. Also like snakes, a naga's eyes are more to the sides of their heads giving them a wider field of vision but a blind spot directly in front of them. During the great wars between humans and naga, the human learned to position themselves inside this blind stop to give them an edge against their stronger foe.

Civilization and Culture


The Tale of the naga is a sad one. It starts in the deserts of Ularr where a powerful naga tribe begins it's great conquest. This tribe, called the Naramora, took control of almost all of the Silran island and began the construction of great palaces for their kings and great temples to give praise of Hrademel (an incarnation of Yatyan). The empire grew and grew until the Silrian island could not house its population. Using now extinct creatures simaralr to Galactors call hubayarak, they brought forces over to the Nastarian island, and then the far island, until finaly they controled almost all of Ularr. Then can the days of fire. A powerful heat deamon passes near Ularr and brought temperatures of 120 degrees. Groundwater could still be collected, but the naga's livestock died. The snake people were left starving in the desert. Humans, however, who needed less food, betrayed their serpentine brethren at brought down the greatnaga empire.

Coping with oppression

The snake people have many different ways of trying to overcome their situation. Some want to use peace and make amends with humans. Others seek vengeance. While a few want to leave humanity behind and rebuild their empire on new worlds.

The Avengers

Most naga want to wage war against the human race. One naga, named Armonory, has been an important leader in the conflict, leading minor attacks against many human villages and towns. Most naga have followed this path, finding it easier to fight that which is outside of them rather than combat themselves in an internal battle to restrain their wrath.
"The ape people have caused enough suffering to us already, and I have no interest in having them cause more. Tonight to bring the fires of hell down upon the city of Hara and slay the ape beast in it's den, TO WAR I tell you, to WAR!!!"
- Armonory

The Peacemakers

A few naga don't want to fight. Instead, they wish to make peace with the human race and have each make amends for their wrong actions. These naga's voices are heard more clearly and their approach started to work until Armonory's attack on the city Hara in Ularr, which allowed it to fall into the hands of Silria, sparking the decline of Nastar.

The Rebuilders

Many naga have little interest in humans. These snake folk want to rebuild their great empire on new worlds, not yet infested by The World Federation of Quantan or other void faring human organizations. The Rebuilders who call themselves the Narackamar, meaning new tracks, have begun operations on a small world called Greymor. Once the Narackamar were let free to walk this new world, their technology and culture exploded, almost entirely making up for the centuries of development that they have been deprived of.
Scientific Name
Serpentes sepians
Quantanian and Ularrian, evidance of ancient naga in Araborian before the coming of the darkness.
80 years
Average Height
4 feet
Average Weight
140 lb.
Average Length
8 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most naga have light brown and tan scales that blend with their desert environment. Those that have been forced into forests will often cover their hide with leaves and sticks to maintain their camouflage. The few naga that live in the outer reaches of their homeworld have been changed by the void's effects. These naga evolved at amazing rates and now have adaptable skin that can assume any color to match their surroundings.
Geographic Distribution

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