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The People of Quantan

The people of Quantan live a life of luxury. Under the post-scarcity economy of The World Federation of Quantan, all of their basic needs are attended to, but are they happy, do they feel fulfilled, or do they just live out hollow boring lives aided by technology. The people of the federation have lost their sense of humanness. They have become almost robotic in nature and temperament. Without the steady hand of The Federation the likely wouldn't survive a day.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ameria Lyra Tia Fania Harnaminina Lyla Sindry Talea

Masculine names

Mark Artinmis Zel Ombor Keng Langor Jet Hembe

Unisex names

Sue Sam Limby Fitsra

Family names

Adamin Mandrik Siconor Semial Martint Sonovic Sistovich Mastelyak Gritmor


Major language groups and dialects

The primary language of The Federation is Quantanian. Most people speak it, but in the upper and lower islands, people tend to stick to the trade tongue because of the number of extra worldly tourists that come through those parts.

Culture and cultural heritage

The cultural heritage of Quantanians is lost in time. With the rise of the modern age, people have lost track of their roots. A small faction of "weird" geeky people have become obsessed with DNA tests to find their origins, but no one pays them any minds. The current culture of the quantanian people is almost 100% dependant on technology. People just sit around using tiny computer chips in their brains to obsess over social networks and play hyper-realistic video games.

Shared customary codes and values

Most Quantanians are in support of the legal system and democracy. Although at a deep psychological level they have a disdain for the utopia they live in, at the surface most people want to protect their paradise.

Common Dress code

The people of quantan dress in odd silver suits that control their temperature, allowing them to be perfectly comfortable on even the coldest or hottest of days. These suits come in various sizes and shaped, some are bell-bottom-like dresses with leggings, others have transparent part which allow parts of the body to my exposed to view bu not to the nasty elements.


Beauty Ideals

Everything must be perfect! In a world of luxury and wealth, the only thing one has left to do is to obsess over how they look. Everyone has a different idea of what beautiful means, and there is much argument around this subject. 2 years ago violent riots arose around whether where your hat backward made you "cool".

Gender Ideals

Quantan society is very open to gender equality. Almost one-third of the Federation's population identifies with a gender that is not male or female or is attracted to a gender that is not their opposite. The racial, women's, and LGBTQ+ rights movement happened almost two centuries ago. The idea of dominating against someone because of their sexual orientation of assumed gender is considered absurd and almost unheard-of.

Courtship Ideals

In the eyes of a pre-modern civilization, Quantanians are "people of loose morals" meaning that marriage is more of a legal status than anything else. Sexual relationships between unmarried couples are perfectly normal. Having multiple romantic relationships with different people at the same time is generally looked down upon and discouraged. Legally one can only marry one person at a time.

Major organizations

The World Federation of Quantan is the primary ogonization run by Quantanians.
Related Locations

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