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The EverAfter

Afterlife of the Dream

Death will come, and we will pass together into the EverAfter.
— A Tengu man to his lover
The butterflies! The grass! We are children once more!
— Whispering Spirits
  Dreams are fickle things. They take you places, show you things, but when you awaken they leave only echoing memories of their visions. The EverAfter is a place where the memories of life echo and mingle. Where spirits forever live mystified, as children.  

Fading Memories

  Once something dies it passes into the EverAfter, born anew, they manifest in an 8-year-old or so version of their body. In the After, spirits dwell in a strange dreamy existence, where time and reality are in no way predictable. One lives in the EverAfter for as long as there are living people that remember them. As they are forgotten by the cruel march of time they fade, losing their color and growing older, until they are but husks serving as an extra in the afterlife of a brighter soul.   All things pass into the EverAfter, but few non-sapient creatures remain for long. A beloved pet might last for a generation, but individual blades of grass or wild fauna fade to a muted grey soon after their death. However, creatures of myth tend to stay bright for ages. Leviathans, ancient dragons, sacred trees, and such glow bright and are numerous in the After.  

Shards of Emotion

  Spirits wander through a jumbled mess of mix-matched memories of the past, some their own, others not. Most remain unperturbed by the constant barrage of half-recognized images, while those who wish too much for life or attempt to control the After are greeted with insanity and confusion. As souls fade their worlds begin to overlap more and more with the experiences of other souls. Their dimmed bodies are actors of props in someone else’s play.  

Lucids in the After

  When a greater lucid is slain by a mighty creature of The Darkness their soul is destroyed, leaving nothing behind to enter the EverAfter. If a lucid manages to avoid such a fate for a respectable period of time the subconscious of The Void reabsorbs their spark. Only then can a lucid pass into the afterlife.   Lucids are the rulers of the EverAfter. They can command the afterlife with just as much power as they could exert on reality in life. Unlike in life, they are far more detached from people. Dwell in their great halls and watch the After and The Void in silent contemplation. Occasionally they will manifest in one of the two worlds, in whatever form they so desire. Their goals are unclear.


  Those who met their “soulmate” in life will often find themselves bound in the afterlife with their lover. The afterlives of these pairs will often be more coherent, sometimes staying in one shape for years. The landscapes of these dreamworlds are as strange and surreal as the rest of the After, but they are expansive and sometimes even have predictable laws of physics.   Soulmates tend to fade faster though. Sometimes even dying well before they passed from memory in the world of the living. Why this is none can say, some think that it is some kind of cruel joke of metaphor created by the lucids the rule the After.


  The afterlife is a mysterious thing for most residents of The Void. Most have concepts about it related to their religion, but some simply don't think about it at all. A few are blessed with living near an individual with the gift of trascendance, those who can visit the EverAfter while still in life.  

Tengu and the After

  Given that the gift of trascendance in uncannanilly common amoung Tengu the afterlife is extreamly important in their culture. The lives of most Tengu are didicated to making their mark on the world in hopes of being remembered for as long as possible. They also seek the hearts of those they believe to be their soulmates with great passion. As long as proper measures have been taken, death is a mundane thing among Tengu. Unpleasant; yes, terrifying; no.  

Dartar and Heria

  Heria was a lucid that was supposed to have died centuries ago, she was a mighty lucid and creator of Dartar. When the After called her, she refused, unwilling to abandon her mortal lover. The Void sent its hunters after her, but she defeated each one, turning them into her servants. She then shut herself and her world away in a tiny bubble of light in The Darkness, where they could never reach her.

Hear Their Voices










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19 Dec, 2021 23:14

It's a sweet and potentially sad world. What would happen if there was a place in the world where, for example, lovers would meet? Say there was a single cherry tree on a hill or an orchard? Would they then last much longer as the memory of them would?

Introducing my challenge entry, with my cat as the main character and visitor to the tavern.
20 Dec, 2021 00:07

Maybe, the EverAfter works in strange ways. The lucids were kind in life, but some believe that death instilled them with a cruel sense of humor. Who knows, maybe the cherry tree and the passionate souls embraced under its branches would appear in the afterlife of another soul, or maybe the lucids will smile on them and let them live in color for another decade...   Thank you for your questions, and I hope you enjoyed my article.

Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
13 Jan, 2022 21:10

Hey! I really wanted to read this article but I can't read it with the text colors you've chosen! If you want everyone to be able to read, please use this site to check your colors! I've got bad eyes so it's especially difficult for me

14 Jan, 2022 00:15

sorry about that, fixing the coloring has been on my list for a while now. It should be better now, I hope you enjoy the article.

Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
30 Jan, 2022 00:45

I like the idea! A bittersweet afterlife. I like that you described how even grass goes into the After, and fades. Soulmates are a nice touch, too!   I do have one question, though, you speak of "lucids" a lot here as if we should know what they are? But there's no linked article or early definition of them, so I'm left confused.

31 Jan, 2022 01:46

Oh my, I royally messed this one up, xD. Just went through and linked all of them. In short, lucids are the equivalent of gods in this world. Despite their powers they come from human parentage and are effectively "human" in most repects. If you want to know more you can read my article on the magic of this world that is linked in the sidebar.