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Magic in the Dream

Written by Sodose
I can feel it, almost touch it, it's all around us, just reach out!
  The energy of the Void flows through every world. The nature of this power is chaotic and uncontrollable, but a rare few a born with a connection to it. These people, called lucids can bend the world to their will, channeling the elements to create and destroy. However, not all magi were born with their power, some train for decades to exert their power over the Void. Others have made dark pacts with the Deamon lords in hopes of channeling some of their power.  

Lucids and The Gifted

Sometimes a child is born with unusual abilities. This often manifests at first around the human age of 8, but during adolescents, it comes into full swing.   These special people fall into two categories, lucids and gifted. Lucids have a diverse range of abilities and great power over the world, some very powerful lucids have the power to create entire worlds, while others spend their existence battling creatures of darkness and evil. The gifted often have just one or two abnormal abilities such as flight, eternal life, or astral projection. The three most common gifts are described in further detail here.  

The Gift of The Everlasting

  Those gifted with immortality often find themselves in a tricky situation. They often become depressed and overly introverted, because everyone they know and will ever know they must watch die. Some of the Everlasting seek the power of other gifts that they might use to escape their curse. Many children of Araborean explorers have developed this gift.

Dark Magic

  Some power-seeking humanoids fall prey to the temptation of dark magic. Many deamon lords offer magic power in exchange for the service of mortals. This magic often manifests as destructive shadow energy or necrotic blights. Those the except these dark pacts are call necromancers and are extremely dangerous. The mightiest necromancers can destroy entire civilizations or even kill lucids. Very rarely a child will be born will dark power already bestowed upon them. These dark mirrors of lucids could spell doom for an entire world.

The Gift of Flight

  Young children sometimes gain the ability to hover 6 or 7 inches off the ground. This power often disappears with adulthood, but the few that do keep it can fully master the ability to fly. These gifted souls sometimes make great pilgrimages to other worlds and learn the ways of the people there. This gift is most common in Suberia.


  Magic isn't entirely closed to normal folk though. Through complex incantations and rituals, non-lucids can create minor wonders and magical effects. Some have also found runes or other symbols that have arcane properties. In Suberia people use enchanted animal heads to ward off evil spirits and in Ularr nage use age-old ceremonies to bring good luck.   There are only a few true spellcasters that use manipulation magic. These wizards do however possess great power, able to bend fate and time to their will, the greatest can rival the power of lucids.

Gift of Transcendence

  Some people can enter a special trance that projects their spirit into the dreams and memories of others. These astral projectors often use their power to see into the past or common with the dead. Some lose themselves in whimsical delusions of their creation, or forever brood in the past. Tengu are the most likely to develop this gift, especially those born between their worlds.
by BossaStudios

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28 Jun, 2020 08:42

Really nice break down of some of the gifts. It'll be interesting to see if you end up expanding on this later and how this will take shape in the rest of your world.   Nice read. ^^

What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark?
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29 Jun, 2020 06:52

This is really cool could I use this for D&D? BTW just thought you should know there is a typo in the first line. You wrote "in" as "ind".

30 Jun, 2020 10:27

Thanks, wow you really have a good eye for stuff like that.