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The true threat of The Darkness is what it creates.
Fabricated from the essence of pure evil, Deamons seek to kill, torture, and cause suffering to all The Void's creations. With forms as twisted as the the mind that made them, these monster are equipped with all the tools to carry out their goal.


Teeth and Claws

  Most Deamons look like a vaguely humanoid mass of chitin, meat, and teeth. Some have a more defined appearance especially the ones native to Algoria. Given their appearance daemons are often mistaken to be mindless this however, is far from true. The mind of a deamon is massively complex and not to be underestimated, manipulation is the first line of assault a deamon will take on a community, they are masters of corroding trust in leaders and creating feuds inside once harmonious groups. Rarely will the victims realized that a deamon is in their midst is the cause all of this trouble.

Deamon Lords

  At the top of the Deamonic hierarchy are Deamon lord. These monsters of the inner Darkness command great hordes of their kind, using lesser Deamons to fulfill it's obscure and malevolent goals. It is said that deep in the Eternal Night glides a crumbling citadel were hundreds of these colossal kings dwell. The only evidence of such a place existing is a radio transmission from a Quantanian vessel where the transmitter describes a fortress in the Darkness, the transition ends with a blood-curtailing scream and than radio silence.

Deamonic Worship

  Any supernatural entity of significant power is bound to collect a handful of worshipers. Deamon lords often have a cults of worshipors spread out around the Void, these group are most common on Araborea and Algoria where The Darkness has the most sway.   Deamon cults often lay low and lurk at the fringes of society. Most cultists are just "normal" people, though a few are gifted special powers by their dark lords. It is this prospect of power that drives people into cults and keeps them there.

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Author's Notes

STILL IS PROGRESS Deamons are important are need a longer article, this is just a start!

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