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Ignotas Where the Fog turns to Steam

12th Rotation of the 2nd Cog, Gear 13 AFA

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A dark hole of nothingness is many things. Scary. Sad. Unforgiving even. But like a blank sheet of paper, or a clean slate, it is potential in its rawest form. And if there was light that could illuminate the dark, what is not to say there could be a slither of hope for humanity.
The clunking of metal, the pressure release of pipes full of hot air, the bustling streets throwing up a wall of white noise as people with brass limbs hurry from A to B. Oh what a wonderful city we live in. Though panning outwards, plunging into the unknown, danger awaits. Dense forests and farstretching mountains full of ressources offer their goods with trade similar to that in the city. Only here in the wild, it is death that pays.
— Darker Stories

Where To Start

Welcome to Ignotas. For any new souls arriving, we recommend the following piece of literature:
New Soul
Generic article | Jul 31, 2023
Should you want to hear about the stories of others such as yourselves and how they ended up in this realm, look no further than here. I do hope you enjoy your stay, not that there is a way out.