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Lucids aren't the only ones that can wield magic. Just as a gifted can call on the power of The Void, a necromancer can bring forth the energies of the Darkness. Unlike Lucid magic, necromancy must be learned, no one is born with necromantic powers. Instead necromancers must seek out power, they must make pacts with deamons, and practice for years. Also necromancy requires components, most of which are rare and expensive.



Sacrifice is the life of a necromancer, not only must they spend months or even years searching for consonants, they must also give their twisted heart and soul up to gain their powers. Playing with death is not a job for the week of mind or the week in spirit.

Career Progression

Most necromancers start out on their own. The only people willing to give up everything for power are those that have almost nothing to loose. After many years of searching and sacrifice, a want to be necromancer will encounter some sort of deamon or another powerful necromancer that can bestow power upon them I teach them how to use it.

Payment & Reimbursement

Only those that are truly desperate seek out the aid of a necromancer.Some times those who have lost a loved one will try to commotion a necromancer to bring them back from the dead. These deals often end tragically, the loved one will be reanimated, but will be a mocking undead puppet, instead of a human. The necromancer will then revel in watching their client's pain before putting an end to


Social Status

As far as most people are concerned, necromancy is a plague to human society. Most people want to get rid of them for good. But the darkness is persistent. No matter how hard the angry mobs try, some deamon will always find a way to teach their evil craft to the common folk of The Void.

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