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Kivris heads

Kivris heads are the heads of frightening animals, used in Suberia to ward off Kiv, which are evil spirits. They are hung high on the walls, where it is believed they keep watch over the house. Kirvis heads are the general name for the heads of animals that are commonly used like this.


Material Characteristics

A variety of different heads are used, each varying in appearance.

Geology & Geography

The animals producing them all live in Suberia .

History & Usage


A long time ago, Suberia was in a dark age. People were vary superstitious, and believed spirits were responsible. As a result, people began putting the heads up. Later, the dark age ended, and people continued to keep the heads up, thinking that if they were taking down, the dark age would start anew. Now, people keep them up just because of tradition.

Everyday use

The heads are always put on the wall to scare the evil spirtits.


People mount them and stuff them.

Enviromental Impact

Very little, because the creatures with the head would be killed anyway, for fur.


Trade & Market

The item is sold by anyone in charge of skinning a suitable creature.

Animals Used

The animals used are generally large, with some sort of natural weapon on there heads. This makes carnivore common. The animals also are usually used for fur becuase killing an animal just for it's head does not make sense to the people of Suberia. Animals with good eyesight are also valued, so it can see the Kiv. Some of the most valued animals are huge mountain hawks, becaus of both there eyesight and there power, but rare because they are very hard to catch. Domesticated animals, like Galactors are never used.
Varys greatly depending on the head.
Common State
Related Locations

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