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The Great Dream


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Where there is dark there is thus light, where there is life there is thus death, that is the way of things, but beyond life, death, light, dark, void, what is there left? It will fade into Arbeqet the land of unreality. In the lands of light drift islands of earth, populated by a great many of peoples. In the realms of darkness live deamons and the maddened spirits of the dead. The light is an endless sky, referred to as The Void, 6 areas of islands stand out above the overs these are Dartar a land of knights and castles, Suberia a world evolving into the bronze age faced with a struggle between two superpowers The Merchants Guild and The Enith empire, Quantan a world ruled by a great federation with powerful technology, Ularr trapped by petty conflicts in the modern age, Algoria a great wasteland populated by people who have grown bored of a easy life of Quantan, and at last Araborea an ancient place that fell into The Darkness years ago becoming a place infested with fungi and warped evil things.