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@ Siestra
Siestra Towerfall
25 Mar, 2019 22:25

Thank you so much for following! It truly means so much to me!

18 Mar, 2019 22:37

Thank you for the follow on my world and the likes on two of my articles. It's much appreciated! :)

20 Mar, 2019 15:02

You're very welcome!

17 Mar, 2019 00:13

Wow, thanks for the follow and likes :D I just logged in for the challenges and was like, did i get featured and missed it...? xD

18 Mar, 2019 00:13

You're very welcome, will be nice to see more. I've had a few moments like that as well, I understand!

16 Mar, 2019 08:12

Thank you for following my world and the likes. If you have some tips /criticism /questions. I would always try to answer as fast as possible.

18 Mar, 2019 00:13

You're very welcome, looking forward to more! I'll leave you a few comments and ideas next round I go through!

15 Mar, 2019 23:33

Thank you for following my world <3

16 Mar, 2019 00:10

You're very welcome!

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
15 Mar, 2019 23:21

Thaanks the follow and like craziness you left me man. Give me some time but ill spot you back. I always try to give back what i get :)

Check out my work | The Web | Expedition Demeter
16 Mar, 2019 00:09

No rush. Reading through long articles take time, I followed because I enjoyed what I saw, no need to follow or like unless you enjoy what I create as well! Looking forward to more!

Venerable Grandmaster ZackTheGreat
Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant
15 Mar, 2019 23:04

Thank you for the like and follow storm on my worlds! It was really unexpected and I appreciated it! :D

16 Mar, 2019 00:09

You're most welcome. Enjoyed everything I had the chance to read, looking forward to more and hope I can offer something in return! :D

13 Mar, 2019 01:37

Thanks for the follows! :D

16 Mar, 2019 00:08

You're very welcome! Looking forward to more!

11 Mar, 2019 23:28

Thank you so much for giving my world a follow, even though I don't have much... It may childish of me to think this way, but it really means the world to me to get recognition in this little push of mine. I do hope I won't disappoint!

12 Mar, 2019 09:06

It's not childlish to be excited and happy, that other individuals enjoy your content. I'm gad I can inspire you to keep pushing, and I can't wait to see more from you!

Journeyman Salen
Michael D. Nadeau
11 Mar, 2019 19:43

Thanks for the follow man, you seem pretty cool!

12 Mar, 2019 09:05

You're very welcome, so do you! Wouldn't of done so if I didn't enjoy what I've seen thus far! Can't wait to read more as I get more time!

11 Mar, 2019 04:35

Thanks for the follow! I have no idea how you found me or what I did to earn it, but I appreciate it!

12 Mar, 2019 09:04

I tend to just shift through worlds when I have spare time and follow worlds that I enjoyed! You're very welcome!

@ Dinomaster337
Delmer Putnam
11 Mar, 2019 04:18

Thanks for following my world! I’m glad to see you like what I’m trying to create!

12 Mar, 2019 09:02

You're very welcome! I like it quite a bit, looking forward to reading more!

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
12 Jan, 2019 06:44

Thanks so much for following and liking my article :)

Check out my work | The Web | Expedition Demeter
12 Jan, 2019 06:56

No problem at all! Greatly enjoyed it!

26 Aug, 2018 17:14

I think I've never properly thanked you for favs and follow, so thank you very much!

27 Aug, 2018 01:19

You're very welcome!

@ Stormspark
Elliott Hay
21 Aug, 2018 00:17

Thanks for the follow! I can't wait to reveal more about the world!

21 Aug, 2018 03:02

Greatly looking forward to it!

3 Aug, 2018 16:37

Thanks for the follow!

3 Aug, 2018 16:42

No problem at all! Looking forward to more!

21 May, 2018 18:17

Thank you for following!

1 Aug, 2018 11:27

Quite late, but you're very welcome!

@ the-eldritch-it-gay
Ciarán Eldritch
18 May, 2018 18:54

I noticed you followed my world and liked a few of my articles, muchas gracias, amigo óvò! I am glad to see someone like my work as I have been putting much effort into it!

18 May, 2018 22:25

De nada! I'm looking forward to more, reading as I can! :]

14 May, 2018 08:53

Ey, i see you have followed me,, thank you :D   Also, i have seen you retweet skallagrim, im a big fan on channels like his, shad, limdybeige, scholagladiatoria, metatron....

14 May, 2018 17:59

Certainly! I enjoy your world, excited for more!   As far as the Youtubers, same! Each for different reasons, Skal's outlook on accurate historical weaponry, tactics, and combat is something I greatly enjoy learning more about.

10 May, 2018 07:15

Thank you for following my world and for the like on the sacred places entry!

14 May, 2018 17:57

You're very welcome! Enjoyed it quite a bit!

6 May, 2018 07:19

Thanks for the follow. I was debating if I was just gonna end the recaps altogether due to time and effort I tend to put in just to regurgitate what we all played through. Your follow is making me think that people may actually want to hear our adventures and I'm not just writing into a void. So again thanks for that.

9 May, 2018 10:08

I think it'd be a shame to stop. Even if it doesn't pick up initially, if it's not there then there's no chance of it ever catching attention after all. :) I find it quite interesting to glance over in my spare time, I'm sure others would as well with enough time.

5 May, 2018 16:40

Thanks for the follow. Just checked out your page and really like it! Great stuff!

9 May, 2018 10:07

Appreciate it! Glad you're enjoying my work as much as I'm enjoying your own.

4 May, 2018 23:48

Hey, thanks for all the follows and favorites! Glad you have enjoyed my stuff!

Who the hell does this guy think he is?
PatheticBarrel, Logo by Sai
9 May, 2018 10:07

I have, looking forward to more, especially the characters! :)

3 May, 2018 06:33

Hi! Thanks for the follow, it is super appreciated!! :D

Check out The Hummelverse, the world of AI tanks!
9 May, 2018 10:05

Happy to! Looking forward to reading more!

@ Gerrit_Dodd
Gerrit Dodd
3 May, 2018 01:59

Thank you so much for following now only Mir, but Apogee as well! Was a nice surprise to come home and see!

9 May, 2018 10:05

You're very welcome, enjoy your worlds quite a bit, the unusual creativity catches my attention repeatedly. :D

3 May, 2018 01:12

Thanks for the follow, I am loving your world.

9 May, 2018 09:59

Glad you like it! I tend to obsess over articles a bit to ensure I get as many details covered as possible, nice knowing it shows.

3 May, 2018 00:17

Hey, thanks for the follow and the favorite on my article. It's really encouraging!

9 May, 2018 09:59

No problem at all. :)

@ Zeke Lionhart
Luiz Henrique P. de Carvalho
2 May, 2018 22:41

Yay, thanks for the follow! :D Happens I checked your work and it is pretty inspiring. Following back!   It was never my intention in the very beginning to have random people see my stuff except for my friends, but I'm always glad to be noticed by other people such as yourself :3 thanks again!

9 May, 2018 09:57

I'm glad you like it all! I tend to glance around WA on my off time and read others work, glad I stumbled onto your own. :D

2 May, 2018 21:51

Thank you for following my world, and for your like on my moth article ^-^ I spend a long, long time on that article and was worried it was sinking into oblivion after the spacious species competition ended. It is great to see that people still read it <3   In case you are interested: There is a discord server for my world where I publish new articles, exclusive daily facts about my world, and host a creative lounge for other writers and artists to share their work and exchange feedback and critique :3 (

9 May, 2018 09:57

I read quite a bit from your world! Happy to follow it, look forward to seeing more, especially the species and culture that you design!

9 May, 2018 10:10

That's great to hear! If you have any questions, feel free to ask ^-^ And do consider checking out the discord, there already are 96 exclusive facts about the world, which I publish daily. We'll crack 100 this week!

@ Shadow Malachi
Robert Kane
2 May, 2018 18:35

Thank you for following my world!

9 May, 2018 09:54

No problem at all! Looking forward to seeing more!

2 May, 2018 17:42

Thank you so much for the favorites and follow, I’m surprised you’ve stumbled into my world in the vast ocean of creativity on this site. I still have a lot I need to, with coherency, write down for many articles, which is a slow process as I’m still learning. But again I thank you. And if you have any questions, or hopefully some criticism, I await with open ears.

2 May, 2018 18:05

I tend to keep an eye out (as much as possible), love your map and several of the articles I've seen thus far. Looking forward to seeing more, and will happily give my thoughts as I can! :D

29 Apr, 2018 15:09

Thank you for following Ghiadum! It means a lot <3

30 Apr, 2018 06:27

Of course! Eager to see more of what you put out. :]

25 Apr, 2018 19:32

Thanks for following Flautarion. If you start to hear random flute melodies following you through the day, don't worry. They mean no harm. =P

26 Apr, 2018 03:41

You're very welcome. :D I'll be sure to keep an ear out and not panic, lol.

25 Apr, 2018 13:42

You certainly live up to your name, Heart! Thanks for sharing the love on all of the Festive Gathering entries :)

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
26 Apr, 2018 03:41

Everyone put in too much effort, even the shorter ones had creative thoughts I enjoyed. It's only natural to show what support I can. :D

@ James Hiwatari
James Hiwatari
25 Apr, 2018 08:51

Thanks for following! I haven't had much time to work on the world yet (and there are many things I'll have to wait until the plot catches up to it in order to post), but at least now I have an incentive to speed it up. ;)

25 Apr, 2018 10:18

I know the feeling, starting to get my own world up in more detail as well. Looking forward to what you write up!

24 Apr, 2018 16:26

Thank you for following my world!

25 Apr, 2018 01:08

Of course!

24 Apr, 2018 13:52

Hello there, thanks for the following. Alas, I build my world in portuguese (the same as the novel I'm slowly writing), so only specific articles (like the Rite of Acceptance) will be in english, as I want to participate in all of the contests that will happen in the future.   Still, if you want to know more about the world, you can always use the automatic translator - I've done it to check how it goes, and found out it is good enough.

24 Apr, 2018 13:54

No problem whatsoever, I've enjoyed what I've read so far, and don't mind using the translator and my own (albeit limited) knowledge of the language to read through the rest. Look forward to reading more from you.

24 Apr, 2018 05:09

Thanks for following. Added you to a subscriber group that has additional access to articles. Enjoy!

24 Apr, 2018 05:45

Thanks! Appreciate it, love your stuff. :D


An Amateur author, I tend to spend much of my time working my day job working logistics, as well as with animals, and gardening. My spare time I use to improve my passion in the form of writing, building up my world here, and roleplaying with others when I get the chance.

Interests & Hobbies

Writing, Worldbuilding, Gardening, Farming, Animal Care, Martial Arts, Biology, Medical Care, Basic Engineering, Hunting, Survival, Primitive Technology, Cooking, etc.

Favorite Movies

Harry Potter, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Disney Animated Films, Monty Python Films, etc.

Favorite TV Series

Doctor Who, Sanctuary, House MD, Castle, Greys Anatomy, Law and Order, Torchwood, Avatar the Last Airbender, and a Variety of Anime.

Favorite Books

Green Mile, The Last Stand, Legend of Drizzt, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and countless others as well as many comics, manga, etc.

Favorite Writers

Stephen King and R.A. Salvatore.

Favorite Games

Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age: Origins, Civilization Series, Might and Magic Series, Witcher Series, Warcraft I to III, Starcraft I & II, Doom, Oxygen not Included, Don't Starve, and many more.

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