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J. Variable X/0 | Member Since 28 Apr, 2020
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Interests & Hobbies

Latin, writing, art, history, art history, physics, metaphysics, math, linguistics, pop culture, philosophy...

Favorite Movies

The Hobbit/LoTR trilogies, Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Galaxy Quest, Star Trek stuff, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (and the sequels, however cheesy), Troma team projects, anything with lots of zombies...

Favorite TV Series

Monty Python's Flying Circus, Looney Tunes (the originals), Max Headroom, South Park, Supernatural, Vikings, Norsemen, Black Mirror...

Favorite Books

The Hobbit/LoTR, The Sandman comics, Principia Discordia, Book of the SubGenius, oldschool D&D stuff (especially Ravenloft and Planescape), Rebecca, Wuthering Heights...Finnegan's Wake (even though I have yet to make it through the whole thing)...

Favorite Writers

J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Robert Anton Wilson, Richard P. Feynman, Peter J. Carroll...

Favorite Games

A/D&D 1e & 2e

Latest Loved work

Spirit Lantern

Flames of Remembrance

Big Ajax


Imperial Astral Force