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Creatures of the void

The Void is home to a huge array of different speices. they range from the seemingly ordinary, like birds, to the extraordinary, like the giant void whales. There are not many visitors in the void so many creatures live long lives and grow to be huge, but not all of the voids creatures are huge, some of them are very small. some of the void creatures are the creations of Lucids, and thus very strange.

Basic Information


void creatures come in a huge varyity of forms;from whale-like and hunderds of feet long to bird like, with a wingspan of less then 5 feet. Some of these creatures don’t even look like creatures at all, like the thinking clouds of the eastern void, which are clouds with minds of their own. Or the storm over Algoria which is sentient, and evil.

Additional Information


some spices, like the Galactors, are domestacated to travel the void.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

some are used to travel the viod.

Average Intelligence

most are around average animal intelligence. But the creations of Lucids are often more intelligent than other creatures.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Most Void creatures have limited sense of the power of magic in their area.
Genetic Descendants
Primordial, and Magical
generally, viod creatures have lifespans of about 1,000 years
Average Height
most grow throughout their life, so they can range from a few inchs to hundreds of feet.
Geographic Distribution

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