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The Enith empire

A superpower of Suberia, the enith empire is a powerful empire. It takes up almost a third of Suberia’s area. They have only expanded recently, after the dark age. They have resisted merchants of The Merchants Guild living in their territory, but still trade with them.


The Enith Empire has 3 branches. The military branch, the legal branch, and the economic branch. There is also an emperor, currently emperor Auyox, who can override any decision.

military branch

The military branch consists of one person, called the high commander who is sent a budget to do whatever he wants if it does not interfere with the other branches, as long as the emperor detemens it beneficial to the security of the country. In times of war, he can override the other branches.The military branch is built off the idea that the high commander cannot be slowed by policies that don’t work for him, or other people he needs to argue with to get things done.

legal branch

The legal system is split into two parts; the lawmakers and the judges.
The lawmakers are in charge of making laws. There are 19 lawmakers. They vote on minor laws, not worthy of going to the emperor, and word laws the emperor passes.
The judges are those who judge if someone is guilty of breaking the law. After a number of days of research equal to the severity of the crime, they hear the people say their cases in public. Then, in a number of days up to the severity of the crime, they say what the punishment is.

The economic branch

The economic branch consists of two groups of 19. The first group is in charge of the taxes, and how much money gets sent to the other branches, how much goes to the treasury, and how much goes to the other group of the economic branch. The other group is in charge of how much money gets sent to projects like public infrastructure, road building and repairing.


The enith empire is less traditional and more open to new ideas. This comes partly from everything being connected, meaning you can hear about ideas farther away then other places. Another contributer is that no traditionalist leader will be able to arrest you when you try and spread your ideas in the next settlement over. Also, the enith empire seems to be natually less traditional then other places. They where the new stlye of art is most common.

Public Agenda

Increase the wellfare of the country.


The Enith empire started out in a pocket of mountains in the mountains surronding Suberia . they did not have much contact with the rest of Suberia When the plague came, they knew, and were infected slightly, but never near as much as the other places. They took advantage of that, and sent a small army out. The small army made easy work of taking settlements at first, but as other places regained their power, their conquest became harder. Eventtually, there conquest stopped, because an alliance of settlements took up one part of their border, and the The Merchants Guild Slowly, merchants near the merchant guild joined it, until merchant guild merchants were the only merchants here. That put the empire in a hard spot, they could either lose territory to the The Merchants Guild, attack citizens of the empire, or forbid merchants in the area. They choose to ban merchants from the The Merchants Guild from all other parts of the empire, making sure this area would not spread. The land is still technically Enith, but there is no question to who really owns it.


They have a bit more than 1,500 soldiers. They are not as numerous as the soldiers of The Merchants Guild, but in terms of military power they're equal, because they are more unified, and also more mobilized.

Technological Level

There technology is medieval, a bit higher then the rest of Suberia.

Foreign Relations

They have bad relations with The Merchants Guild, because of their refusal to let them control trade in the empire.  They are also thought of as overly militaristic by some people. However, others like their ideas,  and some even emigrate.

Trade & Transport

The enith empire has very little access to creatures like Galactors, and are forced to create travel lines the much more difficult way of launching the ropes across, then reenforcing them with others. They are generally launched across with harpoon-launcher like things, witch is very difficult, and much less efficient.


The enith empire provides public education, but only for thoose who pay.
Founding Date
559 CE
Geopolitical, Country
they use the coins of the The Merchants Guild, because they had already spread throughout the world, and the empire did not want to install another currancy.
Official Languages
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