The Merchants Guild

One of Suberia's superpowers, the merchants guild is a powerful guild of merchants, controlling half of Suberia’s trade. They are centered on Harrlu , and have made it the world's center of trade. They are that remains of the once-great trading nation of Omios.


It is led by a leader who takes part in major decisions. The leader is not much more than just a figurehead. Under him is a treasurer who decides what to do with the money, and people who decide where to send merchants. Under them are all the merchants.


They deside where to send many different merchants, and have lots of money. They also control the only sorce of  Wind Grass, and thus all trained Galactors.


There was a town called Harrlu . It was a small town on the banks of the Unor river, a major river flowing through most of Suberia. Any trade on the river needed to pass through Harrlu . This let Harrlu grow and become wealthy. They sent out their own merchants and prospered more. They began to take over other settlements, forming their own nation, called Omios. Then, a plague spread. The nation was especially vulnerable, because of the merchants, and the nation almost fell. Then, a great leader named worked to make the nation more stable, and succeeded. Then he sent out a new wave of merchants, and the nation began to come out of the dark age. Many think this leader was Ornius’s avatar. When he died, he left no clear heir, and the Omios fell into a civil war. This led to the fall of the nation. When the merchants returned, they started their own guild based on Harrlu. Harrlu began to do better, and then prosper, as the center of trade in Suberia.
500 years later, the merchant's guild takes over trade in a part of The Enith empire. In response, The Enith empire goes to war with the guild. They send 500 soldiers to Harrlu. The merchant's guild fights back, but because of worst mobilization, they can only muster 100. the following war is called the The Two Week War, and lasts only two weeks, before The Merchants Guild proposes The Enith-Merchant's guild treaty.. The treaty is exepted, amd there is peace again.


They have no military, but can call on Harrlu. in The Two Week War, they were going t pay mercanarys, and get the settlements they controled to send people. They would stop all trade with three settlements they controled that sent the lowest percent of there population, and reward the three settlements that sent the most. Theese plans never happened, but using them they could have had 2,000 given enought time.

Foreign Relations

The guild has very good relations with Harrlu. other then that, the settlements in the area of Suberia it control need to maintain good relationships. It is not unheard of for towns trade to be boycotted, because they did something especially bad to a merchant, or has been acting against the Guild. It has fairly bad relations with the The Enith empire, because of the The Two Week War. It is possible that they would go to war if not for the The Enith-Merchant's guild treaty..

Trade & Transport

They control trade on half of Suberia, and send merchents everywhere using Galactors.
Founding Date
Guild, Merchant
There currancy has become the currancy of Suberia. They have three kinds of coins, each coming a different kind of metal. The coins are the nib, disc, and ring. The nibs are the smallest unit, worth one D&d copper piece. The discs are worth 10 nibs. The rings are worth a 100. The different kind of metals act as multipliers for the coins. Copper multiples it by one, iron by 5, brass by 25, silver by 100, and gold by 1,000. Silver is not entily silver, and gold is less than 1/8 gold.
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