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The Two Week War

The Two week war was a war started by the The Enith empire, and ended two weeks later by the The Enith-Merchant's guild treaty.. The war caused the The Merchants Guild severe damage, because it had no official military, meaning it could not mobilize quickly, but instead had to bargen with towns for use of there military, and pay mercenarys to fight for them.

The Conflict


The The Enith empire sent a force direcly to Harrlu, to dstroy the hart of the The Merchants Guild.

The Engagement

There were only six battles in the war, and each were very small. All but the last ended in victory for the The Enith empire. The final battle was 100 The Merchants Guild soldiers aginst 425 of the The Enith empire's. The Merchants Guild soldiers were in the town of Kinu, about two days travel to Harrlu. The town had fairly good fortifacations, and the The Enith empire thought they stood no chance. They left 200 of there men to siege the town and went on to Harrlu. The next day, a small Merchants Guild force that had retreated before broke the sige, with the help of the 100 inside. the battle was a victory for The Merchants Guild, causi g the The Enith force togo bachk to The Enith empire for a second attack.


The The Merchants Guild taking sevear damage.


Half a century of peace between the two major organizations of Suberia.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result


The Enith Empire
The merchants guild


The The Enith empire could only sent out 500, out of it's 1,500 it had then, because it could not fully mobilize in two weeks.
They could only mobilize 150 but were working on more recruting, and could have mustered 2,000, but mnot quickly.




distroy the The Merchants Guild, with its superior mobilization,
Hold offf the The Enith empire's attack

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