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Retralar is the biggest floating rock in Araborea and it holds a huge mushroom that is home to creatures and people. The giant mushroom is not the only fungus on Retralar, there are hundreds of funguses from poisonous puffballs to colorful ones (that may also be poisonous). Some daring chefs go there to find unique and fancy mushrooms. A lot of these people are not familiar with the plants and make poisonous mushrooms into meals, killing them or getting them sick. Some of the rarest gems in existence are in the core of Retralar and so are some of the rarest mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms are dangerous because they spray poisonous spores into the air or irritate skin that has touched it. Some of the flora here could be a cure for sickness and could save lives, but some could take them.


Retralar is fairly flat. Even the earth has been decomposed by the mycelia of the great mushroom forest. At the center of the island, a single bare rock pinnacle rises from the canopy of fungus. At the top of this stone, formation stands an age-old monolith from before Araborea was infected by the darkness.
by Samuel Robbins(with artbreeder)


Retralar was once the seat of power in Araborea, where the great king of the federation would rule from his gilded throne. But when the darkness took the world, all of that was erased. Now stands only the crumbling remains of a once-great monolith standing on the top of ancient rock.
Alternative Name(s)
The great island
Island, Floating
Location under

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