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The merchants hall

The merchants hall is the guildhall of The Merchants Guild. It is in Harrlu, the The Merchants Guild’s center of power.

Purpose / Function

This is where the decision making of The Merchants Guild happens. It also has quarters for the leader, treasurer, the people who decide where to send all the merchants, and 45 merchants. There is also a place for guild meetings.


The quarters for the merchants were added, then expanded. The size of the place for guild meetings was doubled. More rooms for those who decide where merchants should go were added


The hall was built before Suberia’s dark age. In the dark age, the building fell into disrepair. Parts of the building were deconstructed for parts for shelters. When Kilkath began to reconstruct, this was the second building rebuild, after only the government building. When the empire fell, and the The Merchants Guild became more relied upon as source of power for Harrlu, the quarters for visiting member were added. When the number of merchants expanded, the hall part was increased in size, and the size of the merchants quarters were increased, from 30 to 45. More quarters were added for those who decide where the merchants should go


Going back from the entrance is the meeting hall. Doors on the east and west sides of the hall lead to the quarters for the leader, treasurer,and those who decide where merchants should go and the treasury on the west and the visiting members on the east. Behind the building to the east are the stables, and a road goes to the stables, around the east side of the building. Behind the stables is a large low building for the caravans.
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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