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The Sages of the Mountain

While most people enjoy the luxuries of village life, the sages and monks of the Suberian mountains choose to live in the wilderness in their makeshift monasteries. This hermits have a very simple lifestyle, they eat when food is available, drink when they can get water, and practice their special form of meditation. The mountain sages believe that enlightenment if found by doing mundane tasks and connecting with nature. They spend their days chopping wood and hauling water, and loving every moment of it.


Shared customary codes and values

All of the mountain sages share a powerful love of nature. All of the members of the monastery are equals held accountable for the mistakes of the other members so conflicts are rare. When an issue does arise it is quickly dealt with using constructive justice and community support.

Common Etiquette rules

Mountain sages are always respectful and kind no matter what the circumstances are. In combat they always treat their rivals with warriors honor, never killing unless that must, and making sure the those that they do kill die in a dignified fashion.

Common Dress code

The hermits wear tattered clothes and use animal pelts to keep warm. No one ever wears anything flashy of interesting.

Art & Architecture

Sages do weaving and bead art. Although mountain hermits have little time for art, their few artistic works are stunningly beautiful and often also have a important practice use too.


Beauty Ideals

The hermits consider appearances to be meaningless, and never fret over their looks.

Courtship Ideals

The mountain sages take only one mate. I’m their culture divorce is unheard of, and choosing another mate after the death of you fist one is looked down upon. When two hermits fall in love the spend most of their time together, and fully connecting their souls. A sage couple acts as a single being, fully in sync with each others intents and emotions.

Relationship Ideals

Everyone helps everyone, it’s is the only way that the monk can survive.
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