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Guild merchant

Guild merchants are merchants working for the The Merchants Guild . They are told where to go by the The Merchants Guild , who arranges the merchants so that each merchant has something to bring to all the settlements they go to. In addition to that, they carry the Guild ’s symbol, which gets them better treatment, because of the Guilds respect. For that, they need to pay 5% of the money they earn to the guild. Guild merchants are the only merchants in about 1/3 of civilized Suberia. They are illegal in most of the The Enith empire, because in one part they are the only merchants there, meaning they can boycott trade to a town unless it does what they want. They are not illegal in that part of the empire.



The person must be a merchant, but that is all.

Career Progression

Merchants and others with the The Merchants Guild’s favor can addition for the job of one who decides where merchants go or treasurer. Someone with either of the jobs can addition for leader if the position is open. Whoever gets the most votes from the people who are not additioning but could becomes the leader.

Payment & Reimbursement

There is no pay, and they have to pay theThe Merchants Guild , but the Guild organizes where they go, making sure everything they have is wanted where there going by coordinating with the other guild merchants. This makes there work easier.

Other Benefits

They can carry the guild symbol, giving them respect.


Social Status

The guild merchants are treated with respect, because of the power of the The Merchants Guild.


A caravan worth of people per settlement, the caravan size varying depending on settlement size.



The Caravan and whatever they are trading.
Financial / Trade
The profession is Illegal in the The Enith empire , but legal everywhere but that.
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