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The Kiv are evil spirits that live on Suberia. There has been no direct proof of there existence, and many of the The People of Suberia have stoped believing in them. The Kiv started being believed in widely during the dark ages, and it was thought that they caused The Kivhier plauge. The plagues very name reflects that, because in Suberian, hier means make, so it is the Kiv-make plague. Many traditions like Kivris heads and Kivroth Otas Creation were developed for protection from the Kiv.

Basic Information


There are thought to be hundreds of types of Kiv, or hunderds of forms the Kiv can take, either by growing by comsuming energy, or changing shape. They are all some degree of transparency. They are generally humaniod, thought reports of others have been found. They range from six legged two foot spiders to six foot humans with wings.
It Is thought by some that they can become more powerful by draining energy from humans.

Biological Traits

They are thought to die only of being killed.

Genetics and Reproduction

Some think that they were created when someone died from the The Kivhier plauge or the Kiv, and some think large gatherings can summon others. Other accounts have Kiv rising from slain humanoids.

Ecology and Habitats

They are found all over Suberia, and don't seem to be affected by extream cold, or any other enviomental feture on Suberia.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are found all over Suberia

Average Intelligence

Verying levels of intellegentce, but even the most intellegent have only the purpose of negitivly effecting humans. They just use there intellegents to make plans to do so.

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

Many old myths and legends from the dark ages surround the Kiv. In these myths they are always an enemy. One myth is An deal with the Kiv, which also had political impact aganst the The Enith empire. This shows how much the Kiv were belived in and feared during the dark ages. 
Now that few belive in Kiv, they are used in childrens storys. These storys often involve clever children defeating powerful Kiv. In the end everything turns out fine, and the children are celebrated as heros. how fine things turn out often goes contrary to the nature of Kiv according to old storys, such as misssing people being found fine but captured in the Kiv's layer. 
Kiv are also used in literature, in fiction storys. These storys have only started appearing recently. They are like fantasy novels involving the Kiv as the enemy.

Special traits of the Kiv

Abilitys of the Kiv

There is a great range of Kiv ability, from curdling milk and draining peoples energy to taking solid forms. The weakest of the Kiv can do minor things like curdle milk, hide small objects, draining peoples energy and slightly influence people, like into saying something that they were just considering. On the upper level they can take solid form, completely posses people, and cause hallucinations and dreams. They can also do everything that weaker Kiv can do, but better. Kiv can used their ability's only a certain number of times before needing to drain energy, with the exception of draining energy.

Killing a Kiv

The Kiv can die, but not by normal means. Certain traditional charms, often carryed by the religion leaders of a settlement are thought to be able to kill Kiv when they go within a certain radius. These charms, called Kivhaug charms, meaning Kiv-kill charms, can be made only by religious leaders, and worn only by the maker. They come in many different forms, from long necklaces to bracelets to rings.

Warded by Wood

The Kiv are thought to be warded slightly by cut wood, and any harvested part of a plant or animal. Wood is the most effective of these, but things like wreaths and mounted animal heads have effect as well. These work because plants and animals have spirits. When something dies, a part of its spirit's force stays with its remains. This force can protect against the Kiv, thought not very powerfully. Wood is most effective because trees are powerful, , and more of the trees spirits force stays with it's remains. More if it's spirits force stays behind because trees are not fully intelligent, and can't go fully into the spirit relm. This is why all charms to ward off or kill the Kiv are made of wood.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The Kiv appear almost as mist, or a wierd outline i the air, and take the color of what os behind it. The Kiv have different transperancy levels, and can change theres to some degree.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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