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The Enith-Merchant's guild treaty.

The Enith-merchant's guild treaty is a treaty between the merchants guild. It was made after the merchants guild took over the merchants in a part of the The Enith empire. The Enith prepared to go to war with the The Merchants Guild. This started Two Week War  In response, the The Merchants Guild sent out a party prosping a peace treaty. They proposed that the area would be under the control of both organizations. The The Enith empire agreed, if the The Merchants Guild would support the ban of Guild merchants from the rest of there territory. They did, and the document was created and signed.


To keep a peace between the The Merchants Guild and the The Enith empire.

Document Structure


There is no official punishment for breaking the treaty, but The People of Suberia respect the treaty, and the people not directly part of either organization might be aganist owing alligance to the treaty breaker.

Publication Status

Only three copys of the document with diplomatic power exist: one in The merchants hall one in the capital of the The Enith empire, and the origanal in the area shared by both orginizations

Historical Details


It ended a possibly war.


The document never expires.
Treaty, Trade
Signatories (Organizations)

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