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The Cider Fest

Every year The People of Suberia come together at have a great festival. This great celebration involves singing and dancing and best of all, cider. Everyone competes to make the best apple cider. The village of Kesk always wins, but nobody minds it's more about having great fun and getting drunk. People come from all over to attend, even the poorest of the poor will sell their worldly possession to pay for a ride on a Galactor. Most people understand, and fares are mostly free doing to the cider fest.


The cider fest goes almost as far back a Ht’karkaya. The festival was originally celebrated village by village, but as the tradition spread and technology became more advanced, it became a worldwide tradition. By 874 everyone was coming to cider fest.


On the 8th day of the 10th month the people of Suberia come together on the island of Grindloar in the city of Honriok. For 10 days they dance, sing, and drink. By the time the 10the sun sets, the Suberians are spent, they stumble back to their home with serious hangovers.


The cider fest is observed all over Suberia. Those that can't come in person celebrate at home. This festival is what keeps the suberian people together. Without it the world would fall apart and return to a tribal, primitive world.
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