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The Giant Birthday

The Giants of Paradise

The giants living in Paradise have many unique experiences, but as with all of Crevice, celebrations are very important. Birthdays are particularly interesting as they celebrate in a very unique way. Through challenges on the snow and ice. Ice skating and skiing are taught at early ages with giants and are valuable skills living in Paradise. The birthday celebration is a time when one can show those off to all those in the community.

The Birthday Challenge

Those youths sharing a birthday will often challenge each other to a skilled duel. These can create some fantastic displays, but can also be very dangerous. Some people can be hurt just trying to practice some stunts, but these injuries have become more rare in recent years as hiring a coach has become more popular. Most start practicing their stunts about a month before the celebration, sometimes two months. The winner gets bragging rights for several months afterwards. There are also personal bets that may result in the loser doing a variety of tasks for a Cycle or two. Most of the time is is something silly and harmless though.  

The Feast

There is usually a great feast in the OrangeTime of Day Cycle  of their birthday. This feast is put together by the community for all the birthday people and tend to have foods prepared by adults who share the birthday. Adults tend to find more mature ways to show off their skills. Cook offs are an exciting way to do that. This doesn't mean their competitiveness goes away, many will challenge each other with the same dish and do blind taste tests with people at the feast.  

The Hunt

Finally, every few years a hunt is called. Those lucky enough to be born on those years get a special treat. Birthday hunters will get picked first for this particular excursion and they will be hunting the Ice Worm. This fearsome beast lives in the Wilds of the Ice and can become massive. It takes over a dozen giants to hunt one down and some may get killed. These hunts are also used to protect the communities. If there are too many, then they may try to claim the populated areas as their territory. Most have avoided this as the giants have shown great skill in defeating them, but if one were to get desperate it will attack. These hunts are both celebratory and vital to Paradise.
My Birthday
Crave Runs in the BellowDate Vale Calendar 

I am ready for the least I hope I am. Thork has been boasting his skills all week and I can't let him get away with that. I have been practicing my skating all month and I know I'm better than him. My crash twirl will be the greatest event and will break his stupid spin.

~Journal of Olinp Icechomper
The crash twirl worked! Cracked the ice under his skates and he went crashing down right in the middle of his spin move! It was amazing! I made him wear a gnome hat all day. He looked ridiculous in that tiny thing. It even had a tiny flower on it. We got some laughs out of that one.

Best Birthday ever!

~Journal of Olinp Icechomper

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