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Crevice is divided into nine different Stratum. The Lake Strata was the first one and named for the massive lake that is created by the Twin Waterfalls. The people were unable to climb up the cliff walls, so the expanded the city downward. It takes many decades to tunnel out a stratum and make it both livable and safe. As each one is created, their unique qualities allow the city to make a specific uses for them.   Early attempts to create another stratum ended in disaster. Constant rock falls and unstable conditions led to several costly decisions.


There are nine strata in this order from the top to the bottom.  
  • Lake Stratum
  • Aqua Stratum
  • Guild Stratum
  • Engineering Stratum
  • Arcane Stratum
  • Paradise Stratum
  • Cryo Stratum
  • Entertainment Stratum
  • Mining Stratum

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