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The Darkness

Retirement is strange. After years of working, I find reflection fascinating.   I did the work of the city and I made sure the people in charge were not corrupt or worse, heretical. Looking back now, I was able to walk into the most secret places in the city, regardless of who they were. Even the Kyren could not deny me audience.   I don't think I understood it then. How much power I had, how much we all had. We knew all the secrets and if we didn't we found them out. I ask myself a lot of questions now...that I never did before.   Was I ever wrong? Did I ever go too far? Did I actually help the city?   Now that I sit in my home, I am at awe at the power I wielded.   Nothing could hide from the Darkness  
~File ADZ12--Classified


Largely unknown. The leaders of The Darkness are selected by the strata Kyren, one Council Member and one Judge. This is a very serious and important selection as it is a lifetime appointment. The appointments need to be approved by at least two other Darkness leaders.   The internal structure is hidden, even from the city leaders. All they know is that there are agents that can request access and it must be provided. The Darkness leaders are responsible for the structure and functions of the organization.

Public Agenda

The Darkness is charged with investigating corruption within the Beacon, the Councils and the Courts. Although they count as part of the government, they are the watchdogs of the government.


They exist on every Stratum of the city. Their bases are all secret and will move operations 2-3 times a year.

The Unknowns

  The Darkness as a group is both reality and fable to the public. They know the group exists, but the details are wrapped in lies, exaggerations and unlikely truths. Their members are recruited secretly and trained in an unknown location. Their numbers are also a mystery, is there only a few dozen...or thousands? These are the questions that people ask themselves, but would never ask of them...if they ever saw one. No one wants to be that person though.  

The Fear

Fear of the unknown seems to keep most from questioning the Darkness or interfering in their investigations. It is believed that the Darkness spreads rumors about themselves in order to keep the people confused and questioning, but silent.  

The Successes

The Darkness have been involved in the downfall of several important government officials. The specifics are always kept secret, but when a Council Member or a Kyren is removed from office, most know the Darkness found their secrets.
Government, Law Enforcement
Parent Organization


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