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Government of Crevice

The Government of Crevice is split between The Kyren and the Strata Council. This balance of power between the Religious leaders and the Elected leaders has changed over the Phases, but has still kept the city expanding.


The Kyren
  • Help people understand the role Cynosure has in life.
  • Organize the Beacon to help guide the people.
  • Train Mentors to run Guidance Centers
The Strata Council
  • Create laws to protect the people
  • Create consequences for breaking laws
  • Create tax codes and budgets for improving the Caverns
  • Provide for education and help in training the unemployed.
  • Help the poor and needy (usually temporary food and living services)


Reality and Bureaucracy

In reality both groups have become heavy with bureaucracy and corruption. The Beacons have become an array of offices and workers doing a variety of tasks. Visiting the upper offices of the Beacons would look very similar to visiting the Council offices with people reading through reports and constant forms. The people of Crevice pay taxes, with 20% going to the Kyren and the rest going to the Council. The rates range from 20-40% for the people depending on where they live. Until the Age of LIght and Pythinera Agerinigh, the Kyren had almost complete control over the laws of the city. That event created a need for balance and a check on the power of the Kyren. The Council was given more power and control the town guard while the Kyren still retained power over the spiritual guidance of the city and some special knights to protect the Beacons and Guidance Centers. All of this takes an army of people to organize between both groups and they employ almost 800,000 people across the city.


Politics and Corruption

Politics is complicated within the Kyren and the Councils. The Kyren choose their own replacements, which push the current Kyren to try and train their own apprentices for selection. This process works about 75% of the time if the Kyren picks someone who can also garner support from at least one other Kyren. It drops significantly lower with no other support.
The Council members are voted in and this can quickly become a popularity contest in some of the Caverns. Every Cavern has their own way of voting as explained below, but voting is more likely to go a candidates way if they are well known and well liked by the community. Both the Kyren and Council have seen their share of corruption over the years and have found a way to properly address those accusations.


The Courts

The courts were created to handle those that break the laws. They were primarily used for breaking Council laws and Kyren saw to the punishment of those breaking Cynosure Edicts personally until after the Age of Light. This would pass on to the Knights of Shadow, which were created to strike down cultists.

The High Court
In response to the corruption in the Beacons, the Councils created the High Court to address any accusations of corruption in both the Kyren and Councils. This court is usually reserved for only Kyren and Council members, but may also address corruption of Kyren apprentices or high level Council executives. The court is made of 2 retired Kyren, 4 retired Council members which have ten year terms and 7 citizen representatives chosen randomly from Caverns not related to the accused.
The High Court also have an investigative division as well. This division is called The Darkness.
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Subsidiary Organizations
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