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Alessis Thorn

Kyren Alessis Thorn

The making of a Kyren

The Kyren are the religious leaders of Crevice. Chosen to lead by their predecessors. Until the Age of Light, the Kyren served for life or they choose to retire. Many will choose to retire early as the secrets of the city can weigh heavily on them.

The Beginning

Alessis Thorn was born when Heren Runs in the Bellow of 2830. She was born to Orinithal and Temper Thorn who ran a small fishing shop along the lake. They were not a noble family, but well liked among the people. Temper was always pleansant and willing to help people; she would teach Alessis to be the same.
As a child, Alessis was both intelligent and curious. She would spend almost as much time reading as she did running around the Cavern of Tears exploring and talking to everyone. She loved questions and asking people dozens of them when she went out. New people from the other Strata were expecially interesting and they bombarded with constant questions. She had only one little brother, who was a bit boring to her as he did not like to go out as much.

Birthday Gift

As Alessis hit her 32nd birthday, her family was already considering whom she was to marry. As she sat by the Lake considering her options, an older man came up and sat beside her. She was distracted, but she had never met this man before. She launched into her normal questions about who he was and where he lived. The man just laughed loudly at the questions. Alessis didn't know whether she should be offended or join him in laughing. She started laughing as well. They both laughed for a few moments, before Alessis finally asked what they were laughing at.
The man looked at her and introduced himself as Kyren Norden. Alessis fell over herself apologizing for her behavior, she had never even seen the Kyren before. They sat the lake for quite some time as the Kyren answered most of the questions that Alessis had asked. He then asked a bunch of questions of his own, almost as many as she had asked. Seeming satisfied, he sat quietly for a long time. Finally, he told her "You will be the next Kyren."

The Death of Kyren Norden

Crava Walks in the Yorup during 2870
I sat over the book I was reading as the servant waited for my response. I knew he was ill, but how could he die so quickly? How did healers fail to heal him? He kept saying he would teach me more when he got better, but now I would have no more lessons. No more training. No more anything. The servant still stared at me as I processed what she said. "You will be named Kyren...." I stopped listening after that. What was I supposed to say...that I was ready? No, I was definitely not ready. I got up and solemnly nodded to her and followed her to the Kyren Norden's room to verify his death. This was mostly just ceremony...but it seemed important to his family. I stared down at his body....what am I to do now?
— Alessis Thorn

The Historic Choices


The first big decision Kyren Thorn ruled on was a trade dispute regarding the value of gemstone chips created by a halfling. Her ruling would lead to many of her other great decisions. She ruled that the Chips would become the money of the land and declared values for them. She also created a banking guild to keep the value steady and address any future disputes regarding trade. Although she was not the only Kyren, she had already discussed this idea of both Kyren Thindle and Kyren Clodstomp, they agreed to the ruling and allowed her to give the ruling. This is the first step to a golden age for the Crevice.

Beacon of Creation

The new strata of the city was already being built and at first it was largely just going to be a residential expansion. Shortly after her ruling on the Chips, Kyren Thorn had a new idea. She at the Kyren Assembly about creating a massive market for traders and crafters to sell their wares. With the implementation of the Chips, this will give a good opportunity for them to use it. After some discussion regarding the details, they all agreed on the Beacon of Creation. It would be completed in 2890 and would start a new Phase of the city.

Age of Wealth

As the market opened, a new age of trading and wealth would begin. Everyone would bring their crafts and wears to the market and there would be plenty of people to buy. Money traded hands and the banks handled the complaints without the interference of the noble families. Overall wealth increased for even the poorest families and crafters were soon hiring on apprentices and training others in a large variety of trades. This is considered the biggest contribution of Kyren Thorn.  

Passing the Torch

Excerpt From the Journal of Kyren Alessis Thorn
I write this now to consider my life so far. Maybe to ask questions of myself that I haven't considered before....I should be more honest with myself. I have considered them before, I doubt myself with every decision I make. I wonder what consequences will come and who might die. I'm not sure if Kyren Norden held the same doubts, but I imagine he did. I have another big decision to make. I must pick an apprentice. Who do I give this burden to? I was excited and terrified to get picked, but I didn't understand what was to come next. This power given to me was far more vast than I realized that day. I know the person I pick will have similar thoughts. I must pick someone, the unexpected death of Kyren Norden made me realize that I need time to teach the new Kyren things I was not taught. I was just a child, now I must put the weight of the City on another child.

End of an Age

Kyren Thorn would pass the responsibility to an Elf named Aiden Valkoras when Brant Walks in the Brail during 3120. He was from a good family and thought to be a respectable man. Alessis would retire to her home to finish her life in peace. This peace ended with the Death of Kyren Valkoras and the Age of Light. Pythinera Agerinigh would become the new Kyren and would hunt down many of the older Kyren.
Excerpt from The Hidden Kyren
The Age of Light was a horrific time. People would be afraid and would go out of their way to compliment the Kyren. A single word of doubt or criticism could get you arrested and hung. Kyren Agerinigh hunted anyone down she felt was a threat to her power. This included any previous Kyren and many council members. It was assumed that she had found and killed Alessis Thorn, but that was far from the truth. Alessis had hidden in the ruins of the Lake Strata. Most say she had gotten a vision from the Cynosure about the things to come. Others believe she just saw it before anyone else. Here I write the story of her time in the ruins.
Alessis Thorn would not return until after Pythinera's death and will again make a momentous decision. Alessis Thorn would come out of hiding and rebuild the faith in the Cynosure. She would work with the people and council to change the rules of power and limit the power of the Kyren in the future. It was her suggestion that the Kyren be limited in power and time, which was not even considered by others. Alessis would also rebuild the Beacon of Tears and many of the Guidance Centers that were destroyed or corrupted.
There is so much to do. I saw the destruction of the Light. I saw so much death. I was powerless to stop it, that was not my role. My role is to rebuild what was lost. Rebuild the faith of the people. They were so scared and confused by the events of the Cycle of Light and Horror (as it has been called), many have lost faith.
I bring that back to the city again or we will never recover, I know this in my heart. No longer can the Kyren assume all the responsibilities of the city. Lastly, I must select four new Kyren. Four people who will have the most difficult transition of any Kyren. They will have no apprenticeship and must still gain the trust of the people. Four people who will lead the city back to the amazing thing I saw it could be.
— Alessis Thorn

Honorary & Occupational Titles
2830 - 4021 (Died 1191 years old)
Cavern of Tears
Biological Sex
Skin Tone
Pale White
145 lbs
Aligned Organization
Government of Crevice

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19 Jul, 2019 04:05

This is some rich storytelling! For me, there is a good amount of detail to get a feeling for the world and the society. I like the quotes that you use from Kyren Thorn's writing.   There's a difference between the sidebar and the last section of the article. The sidebar says Kyren Thorn was killed, and the last section says she hid, lived, and led the recovery. That confused me a little bit.   Finally, here are a couple of word usage items that stuck out at me: Words

  • In the Birthday section, you have "32th birthday", but "32nd birthday" would read more naturally
  • At the end of the Birthday section, "he tells her" of her future. All the previous verbs there were in the past tense, so "he told her" would match the other verbs.
  • A couple of your blocks of text get kind of long, I might suggest a paragraph break here and there.
  Thank you for posting this, it was nice to read!

19 Jul, 2019 05:14

Thanks for the info. Yeah, I had her dying earlier at first and then realized I didn't like it. Forgot I put that there.

19 Jul, 2019 11:31

Fascinating article! I am curious though why did Alessis decide to give the mantel of Kyren up after 290 years? I know she wanted to have time to teach the new one but why then? Why, not some other time?

19 Jul, 2019 13:46

The tradition is to give it up when they believe they had found a suitable replacement or received some sort of vision or dream that led them to believing it was time to retire. Many Kyren would go through several different apprentices if they felt their first choices weren't suitable to replace them. That changed after Pythinera. There was a term limit placed on the Kyren of just 20 years, this would be easier to implement with all the other Kyren dead.

20 Jul, 2019 02:04

Whilst you can get from later context what a Kyren is, the first instance of it is a little confusing. Maybe a link to an article about them or even a sidebar tidbit with a definition would be helpful. It's interesting to me that she was able to go into hiding for years and then all of a sudden come back and start making grand decisions again. Was there nobody to dispute this? Why or why not?

21 Jul, 2019 22:03

There is a link to an article about them in the first paragraph. Should I still make a sidebar for it? Maybe. The understand what happened in the Age of Light, there is an article Linked for Pythinera. That should explain most of it. I will create a better sidebar for that later though.   Thanks