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Cynosure, The Great Guide
  The Cynosure is the Great Guide. This guiding force created the world and all things on it. It helped creatures learn to survive and procreate. It led the advanced races to knowledge and guided to build great cities and and amazing advances in magic and technology. It led people to see the demons others worshiped and the destruction it will cause. Cynosure led the people to fight the demons and their followers and to destroy them. Then the plague struck them, it slaughtered thousands and moved among the people like a creature. Despite this, they continued the fight against the demons as the people knew they were being guided to destroy them. The Great Quake struck and flung the people down into the depths. Cynosure had led them into the dark to hide them from the plague that ravaged the people. It came at a great cost, but the surface world would be cleansed by the very plague they created and the demons would be destroyed. When the surface is free, the people will be led from the depths once more to claim the land.   The worship of Cynosure is marked by celebration. Communities will take a week to celebrate a wedding and a birth. People get required holidays for the opening of every Strata and a week long Holiday for the anniversary of that Strata. Racial holidays are also respected and still celebrated. The Cynosure is the Great Guide of all people and respect for others is mandatory. Honor and tradition are important to Crevice and allows for all people to celebrate their heritage.


The Church of the Great Guide helps lead the city to prosperity. The Kyren of the church are the leaders of the church and city. There is one Kyren for every Strata and they will meet once a year to discuss yearly matters. Although the Strata elected council runs most of the normal activities, the Kyren do have a veto power over any law passed by the counsil.

Public Agenda

The church focuses on helping the people of each strata and no one is turned away. The Kyren of each strata are responsible for the people of their strata. They help create and control how resources are used and distributed.


There is a large Church (Beacon) on each Strata and smaller churches (Guidance Centers) throughout the city.


Before the Demon Wars, the Church was held in high regard and pushed for knowledge and expansion to other lands. After the Great Quake, the survivors almost lost faith until the Cynosure selected a guide to lead them.
The Cynosure is not a like other deities, but a force that guides people through life and the afterlife. All decisions are guided by the Cynosure if people are aware enough to listen and see the signs. Although there are official edicts, these are declared by the Kyren with guidance from the Cynosure. Several rituals are used to gain guidance and blessings are common. All people will feel the presence of the Cynosure during the newborn blessing. The Awareness Blessing gives the people a supernatural sight as a child. There are other miracles that have been performed since the creation of Crevice.
Religious, Pantheon
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Edicts of the Age of The Mind   1. All those guided by the Cynosure are equal and have earned respect.   2. Awareness is the key to understanding the Guidance of the Cynosure.   3. The Light will summon and signal the Demons that look for the misguided.   4. Keeping to the darkness will keep the guided safe, but still allow them to see.   5. The worship or summoning of Demons is treasonous with the penalty of death.

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