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Dimitree, The Eyes of Cynosure

Eyes of Cynosure Dimitree

Introduction from The Age of Chaos Ends by Helenas, The Seeker of Knowledge   The time after The Great Quake is mostly lost. A time of warlords and demons. A time of disease and starvation. A time of sorrow and loss. Passage of time was not recorded and the light only brought death while the darkness brought despair. Faith in the Cynosure was all but gone. Many believed The Great Guide had abandoned them or worse, never existed at all.   One day, someone came to reverse that thought. Dimitree, a man whom has many origins. Walked out of the Endless Sea, Rode the Great Falls, or was even birthed from the rubble of the Lost Temples. I will let philosophers and dreamers debate those. He did exist though. A Giant taller than all giants, he called to the Great Guide, for all the people to be led to freedom from the Demons and Warlords.   Slowly they came and listened to his words.  

The Great Guide is still with us, but we must look harder for the signs. We must take comfort in this darkness and no longer fear it. We must realize the folly of the Light and the Demons that still seek us out. We must believe again to see.
  Those that believed were given the Guide's Sight to see without the light. This was the beginning of Crevice and the end of Chaos.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Taller than most Giants and twice as strong.

Body Features

Many say he was scarred from battles with Warlords, others say no blade could strike him.

Special abilities

A great orator whom could speak to the heart of all.

Specialized Equipment

He wore no armor nor carried a weapon. He fought the Chaos with his faith and wisdom. Warlords would fall to his feet in gratitude for bringing their faith back. (As told by many stories)

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

He removed the constant territory fights of the Warlords and brought the people together. He inspired the people to work together and find their faith again. From that, the people began to build the city of Crevice.

Personality Characteristics


Dimitree fought to bring faith back to the people and open their eyes to the Cynosure once again.


Family Ties

Although the Giants claim they all have blood of Dimitree in them, there is very little about his family in history. His ending is as mysterious as his beginnings. As the city began to take shape and other leaders emerged, he seems to drift off into Legends.

Facts and Legend   The History of Dimitree is mostly gathered from stories told by word of mouth until paper records were restored. These stories had many different details and made creating an accurate history almost impossible. We know he did exist and helped bring down the Warlords and inspired the people to create the city. The specifics of how he did this are more legendary. Although, most stories refer to him as a great philosopher, some have him as a warrior taking down all the Warlords. All the stories refer to him as a Giant and the Giants take great pride in that fact, but there are stories of which type of giant. He is usually refered to being taller and stronger than most normal giants.   Helenas uses the first chapter on Dimitree to describe the most likely facts. The next chapters are given to give details on the Legends of Dimitree.
Biological Sex
Deep Green or Blue
Short Snow White
Quotes & Catchphrases
The souls that follow their intuition will find their faith rewarded.
Aligned Organization
Previously Held Ranks & Titles

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